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Regular season ends with boys’ team championship; on to districts this week PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

It was a great way to end the 2015 regular track season.
Last Friday’s championship at the Dundy Co./Stratton meet was the first team win for the Longhorn boys this season, and couldn’t come at a better momentum-boosting time.
That’s because the team heads to districts this week when state track qualifications are on the line.
Head Coach Carl Zuege said that’s what’s on everyone’s mind this week—getting to the state meet.
While Chase County hopes to repeat as the District C-11 team champion, Coach Zuege said that’s not the main focus at the meet today (Thursday) in Bayard.
“First and foremost is state qualification so we will base our entries to optimize our opportunities for that,” Zuege said Monday.
That may mean taking out athletes from some of their normal events to be better rested for those in which they have the best shot to qualify, he said.
The district meet gets underway at 10 a.m. with the first session of field events.
The track events start at 11:30 a.m. with the 3200 meter relay. The second field event session starts at 2 p.m. and the track finals are at 3:30 p.m.
Chase County has several athletes at the top among the C-11 district schools. Several are district leaders including Travis Luhrs in the high jump, Indy Smith in the 3200 and the 3200 meter relay team of Smith, Ryan Moline, Ike Maxwell and Holden Dreiling.
Several others are sitting second and Zuege noted “a few guys are just outside the top two.”
The top two medalists in individual events and the first place relay teams at districts automatically qualify for state.
In addition, Class C athletes reaching the following marks in the field events will also qualify:
High jump—6’2”
Long jump—20’10”
Triple jump—42’6”
Pole vault—13’8”
Zuege said Hemingford will be the team to beat Thursday. They have “a bunch” of good sprinters, he added, and their 2014 third place 1600 meter relay team at state are all back this season.  
Other teams at the C-11 district will include Bayard, Bridgeport, Dundy Co./Stratton, Gordon/Rushville, Kimball and Perkins County.
Longhorns dominate at
Friday’s meet at Benkelman
Chase County’s boys captured six firsts Friday at the DC/Stratton meet, winning the championship by a 46-point margin.
The meet provided a chance to compete against schools Chase County hasn’t seen this season including South Platte, Wallace, Atwood-Rawlins Co., Kan. and Cheylin, Kan.
Firsts were won by Indy Smith in 800, Holden Dreiling in 1600, Caleb Weiss 400, Luhrs high jump, Destyn Milner 110 meter high hurdles and the 3200 meter relay team of Ike Maxwell, Stephen Welsh, Tagan Mays and  Ryan Moline.
Though he was second at Benkelman Friday, Smith shaved off seven seconds to run his personal best in the 3200, and leads the district with a time of 10:33.79. Moline has the second fastest district time in the 3200.
Smith also has the second best district time in both the 800 and 1600. Teammate Dreiling leads the district in the 1600.
Dreiling’s win in the 1600 came at Benkelman during a breezy part of the day, Zuege noted, and he wasn’t really pushed, or could’ve run faster.
Weiss’ first in the 400 will be  a real confidence-builder for the freshman heading into districts, Zuege said.
Luhrs also finished off the regular season winning the high jump at every meet, Zuege added. His 6’4” mark last week is an inch off his best. Luhrs is the district leader going into the meet this week.
Though he was fourth last week in Benkelman, Jake Lueth has the second highest mark in the pole vault in district C-11 with a 13-foot leap he recorded earlier this season.
Zuege also said the efforts of the 3200 meter relay team and Milner in the hurdles to take gold capped off a great day.
The coach said it was good to see two injured athletes, Cody Williams and Dakota Wallin, compete at their first meet of the season Friday, and both scored points.
Williams was sixth in the 400 while Wallin picked up third in the discus.
Scoring at the meet was Chase County 163, Perkins Co. 117, Dundy Co./Stratton 102, Wallace 74, Atwood/Rawlins Co. 60, Cheylin 38, Maywood 34, Wauneta/Palisade 20 and So. Platte 17.
Here are the eight place-winners scoring in Friday’s meet.
100 Meters—1st, Derek Sis, 11.53, PC; 2nd, Devon Janicke, 11.79, Chey; 3rd, Mitchell Sestak, 12.09, PC; 4th, Bryson Fisher, 12.24, CC; 5th, Cole Sramek, 12.31, ARC; 6th, Rhett Mizer, 12.35, ARC; 7th, Calyn Werkmeister, 12.47, May; 8th, Gabe Wright, 12.66, PC.
200 Meters—1st, Derek Sis, 23.83, PC; 2nd, Devon Janicke, 24.02, Chey; 3rd, Mitchell Sestak, 24.77, PC; 4th, Hunter Dillan, 24.92, CC; 5th, Adam Burpo, 25.94, CC; 6th, Keri Blackler, 26.17, May; 7th, Christopher Terry, 26.35, PC; 8th, Will Crouse, 27.25, ARC.
400 Meters—1st, Caleb Weiss, 54.59, CC; 2nd, Andrew Gardner, 54.93, W; 3rd, Tristen Kennicutt, 55.24, PC; 4th, Bryce Wilson, 55.88, PC; 5th, Noah Kerchal, 56.54, DCS; 6th, Cody Williams, 56.84, CC; 7th, Keri Blackler, 59.01, May; 8th, Jared Sullivan, 59.60, W.
800 Meters—1st, Indy Smith, 2:10.75, CC; 2nd, Ty Swenson, 2:13.03, DCS; 3rd, Bryce Wilson, 2:15.37, PC; 4th, Dillon Koop, 2:19.87, W; 5th, Andrew Gardner, 2:19.90, W; 6th, Gideon Fink, 2:20.41, DCS; 7th, Bryar Gerlach, 2:23.04, May; 8th, Brody Nordhausen, 2:24.92, W/P.
1600 Meters—1st, Holden Dreiling, 4:54.10, CC; 2nd, Bryar Gerlach, 5:03.72, May; 3rd, Will Kuenne, 5:06.62, CC; 4th, Eli Fink, 5:07.55, DCS; 5th, Jason Nolting-Farrier, 5:10.58, SP; 6th, Bailey Peckham, 5:17.08, DCS; 7th, Luke White, 5:28.25, May; 8th, Reece Leonard, 5:33.98, Chey.
3200 Meters—1st, Tanner Clough, 10:30.90, W; 2nd, Indy Smith, 10:33.79, CC; 3rd, Bryar Gerlach, 10:52.24, May; 4th, Jason Nolting-Farrier, 10:53.84, SP; 5th, Bailey Peckham, 11:10.76, DCS; 6th, Nikolas Willis, 11:22.03, DCS; 7th, Will Kuenne, 11:23.10, CC; 8th, Cash Yearous, 11:25.77, W/P.
110 Meter Hurdles—1st, Destyn Milner, 16.21, CC; 2nd, DJ Sandberg, 16.29, DCS; 3rd, Macrae Migchelbrink, 16.39, ARC; 4th, Carson Sletten, 18.92, PC; 5th, Gage Crowell, 19.23, W/P; 6th, Boone Turpin, 22.25, DCS.
300 Meter Hurdles—1st, Hunter Coats, 40.70, PC; 2nd, Phalen Sanford, 41.07, DCS; 3rd, Macrae Migchelbrink, 43.30, ARC; 4th, DJ Sandberg, 44.43, DCS; 5th, Destyn Milner, 45.36, CC; 6th, Jeff Harms, 47.05, W; 7th, Gage Crowell, 48.93, W/P; 8th, Bryce Zuege, 51.24, CC.
4x100 Relay—1st, PC, 44.49; 2nd, CC (C. Weiss, J. Dickey, B. Fisher, H. Dillan), 47.03; 3rd, ARC, 48.12; 4th, DCS, 49.15; 5th, May, 50.06; 6th, Chey, 54.44.
4x400 Relay—1st, DCS, 3:40.08; 2nd, CC (C. Weiss, J. Dickey, H. Dillan, B. Fisher), 3:41.76; 3rd, PC, 3:48.49; 4th, ARC, 3:57.41.
4x800 Relay—1st, CC (I. Maxwell, S. Welsh, T. Mays, R. Moline), 8:54.13; 2nd, W, 9:02.56; 3rd, DCS, 9:08.93; 4th, W/P, 10:23.41; 5th, PC, 10:47.88.
Shot Put—1st, Josh May, 44-09.25, W; 2nd, Hunter Bartels, 43-05.75, CC; 3rd, Jeff Harms, 43-02.75, W; 4th, Zac Space, 43-01.00, CC; 5th, Gage Crowell, 43-00.00, W/P; 6th, Trey Haislip, 42-08.50, DCS; 7th, Jace Walther, 42-01.00, May; 8th, Jack Bauerle, 41-03.00, CC.
Discus—1st, Josh May, 140-11, W; 2nd, Isaac Sorensen, 132-00, CC; 3rd, Dakota Wallin, 130-09, CC; 4th, Rhett Mizer, 127-07, ARC; 5th, Kelton Fisher, 120-05, CC; 6th, Tyler Carl, 120-04, W/P; 7th, Andrew Gardner, 115-10, W; 8th, Trey Haislip, 115-01, DCS.
High Jump—1st, Travis Luhrs, 6-04.00, CC; 2nd, Macrae Migchelbrink, 6-01.00, ARC; 3rd, Phalen Sanford, 6-01.00, DCS.
Pole Vault—1st, Phalen Sanford, 13-11.00, DCS; 2nd, Rhett Mizer, 12-08.00, ARC; 3rd, Sam Rowley, 12-04.00, PC; 4th, Jake Lueth, 12-00.00, CC; 5th, Joey McFee, 11-08.00, ARC; 6th, Roper Cochran, 10-08.00, CC; 7th, Christopher Terry, 10-00.00, PC.
Long Jump—1st, Devon Janicke, 20-08.25, Chey; 2nd, Rowan Ford, 19-05.75, SP; 3rd, Carson Sletten, 18-05.00, PC; 4th, Noah Kerchal, 17-08.00, DCS; 5th, Cole Sramek, 17-04.50, ARC; 6th, Keri Blackler, 17-03.50, May; 7th, Jared Sullivan, 17-00.50, W; 8th, Bryson Fisher, 17-00.00, CC.
Triple Jump—1st, Zak Kurkowski, 40-11.00, PC; 2nd, Devon Janicke, 39-11.00, Chey; 3rd, Sam Rowley, 38-01.75, PC; 4th, Jared Sullivan, 35-01.25, W; 5th, Noah Griffin, 34-06.00, CC; 6th, Francisco Barrientos, 33-03.75, CC; 7th, Boone Turpin, 32-04.00, DCS; 8th, Roper Cochran, 31-10.00, CC.


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