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Annual awards banquet Longhorn athletes shine in spotlight PDF Print E-mail

Seniors Paige Spady, Kelton Fisher are Ray Magsamen winners
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Student athletes in grades 9-12 at Chase County Schools were recognized for their accomplishments on the court, field and track Saturday night at the annual Chase County Athletic Awards Banquet.
About 170 attended the meal and program at St. Patrick Parish Hall on a rainy evening.
In addition to the letterwinners and other recognitions listed after each athlete’s name below, a number of special awards were announced by coaches and Activities Director Troy Hauxwell.
Topping the list is the Ray Magsamen Award to the outstanding male and female senior athletes.
This year’s award winners were Paige Spady and Kelton Fisher.
Activities Director Troy Hauxwell noted selection is based on grade point average through the junior year, sports participation, post-season honors and years lettered in each sport, for which points are awarded.
Coaches of all 10 varsity sports receive a list of the point totals for all senior athletes for making their selection, also taking into account the athletes’ character, service and leadership to the school and to their sports.
“It was close this year,” Hauxwell told the crowd.
Spady and Fisher both received a $250 scholarship from the Longhorn Booster Club.
Among the other top awards announced Saturday were the Unsung Heroes for each varsity sport.
While they may not get the “headlines” as some other fellow athletes, Unsung Heroes are recognized with a medal for their hard work and contributions to the team. Each head coach makes his/her selection for their sport.
This year’s Unsung Heroes were Tagan Mays, cross country; Claire Kuenne, softball; Mindy Castle, volleyball; Hunter Dillan, football; Caine Haarberg, wrestling; Jessica Hartman, girls’ basketball; Kevin Chavira, boys’ basketball; Cade Francis, golf; Makenna Wallin, girls’ track; and Caleb Weiss, boys’ track.
The Bill Goddard Memorial Award for football went to Isaac Sorensen, which was announced by Head Coach Dan Lenners. It recognizes not only the athlete’s skill on the field but his work ethic. Leadership is also a factor, Lenners said.
The Kelli Silvester Memorial Track Awards, for compiling the most points this season, went to sophomore Taylin McNair and senior Indy Smith. Each received medals
Don Maucher, a big Chase County track fan, provides $300 scholarships to track and cross country athletes each year to a senior boy and girl on each team.
This year’s selections included Ryan Moline for cross country (there were no senior girls), and Paige Spady and Holden Dreiling for track.
Recipients of the Army Reserve Scholar Athlete awards were Spady and Moline, while Jeff Dickey and MaKenna Ketter received the Marine Distinguished Athlete Award.
Michelle Spady, representing Pinnacle Bank, presented the bank’s annual three-point basketball shooting proceeds to the Booster Club.
Each year, the bank compiles the number of three-pointers made by the Longhorn basketball teams and donates $3 for each one. This year, the boys’ team sunk 118 and the girls hit 59 for a total of $531.
The bank actually wrote a check for $750. Spady said the $219 difference will be donated to the school’s wrestling program.
Hauxwell also recognized Mike Sorensen and his wife Nancy, both who are leaving the school system this year and will be moving to Grand Island for school positions there.
“I cherish his friendship, leadership and his example in the community,” Hauxwell said of fellow administrator Mike Sorensen, who serves as 7-12 principal. Sorensen also has coached football.
“He took the job seriously,” Hauxwell said.
Both Sorensens were presented gifts.
Hauxwell concluded the program, saying he wish he had more time to talk about each individual athlete, each coach, parent and support staff who make Chase County Schools what it is.
“People know we are blessed here at CCS,” he said.
“We have a great group of kids here. We take that for granted,” he said.
He thanked each one at the banquet for what they do to make Chase County Schools what it is.
Here is the list of awards presented by each of the coaches.
Cross Country
Seniors—Holden Dreiling-L, TC, SQ; Ryan Moline-L, TC, AAS, SQ; Stephen Welsh-L, SQ.
Juniors—Alyssa Moreno-L, TC, AAS, SQ; Caleb Bubak ; Mason Meeske ; Indy Smith-L, AAS, SQ.
Sophomores—Vianey Marquez-L, SQ; Rose Sullivan-L, SQ; Alex Valenzuela-L; Ike Maxwell-L, SQ; Tagan Mays-L.
Freshmen—Kaley Hauxwell-L, SQ; Giovanna Welsh-L, SQ; Kayla Schilke-L , SQ; Jayden German; Amber Stump; Will Kuenne-L, SQ; Nicole Brown-Cravey.
Seniors—Emma Bauerle-L, AAS; Jessica Hartman-L, TC; Claire Kuenne-L; Emma Mollendor-L, TC; Faith Reinke-L; Makenna Wallin-L, TC, AAS.
Juniors—Shelby Bigham-L; Jasmine Laird.
Sophomores—Sarah Allen -L; Brittanie Benge-L; Megan Engbrecht-L; Mikaela O’Brian-L; Josie Perterson-L, SATT                Destiny Reinke-L; Brittany Simeon-L; Katelyn Wheeler-L, SATT.
Freshmen—Jade Allen-L; Whitney Hopp-L; Stevie Johnson-L; Andrea Page-L; Sydney Vetter-L.
Seniors—Jacob Christensen-L; Jeffrey Dickey-L, TC, AD, WNASF; Kelton Fisher-L, TC, AD, WNASF; Tyler Jennings-L; MGR/Filmer; Allan Smith-L; Isaac Sorensen-L, TC, AD, WNASF.
Juniors—Hunter Dillan-L; Eli Engbrecht-L, AD; Adrian Foreman; Destyn Milner-L; Taylor Wilson-L.
Sophomores—Trey Bahler; Hunter Bartels-L; Bryson Fisher-L, AD, AAS; Jacob Kelley; Roper McBride; Zac Space-L, AD HM; Garret Taylor-L; Dakota Wallin-L, AD HM,, AAS.
Freshmen—Jack Bauerle-L; Jorge Cervantes-L; Kass Cochran; Jace Clevenger; Eli Hinojosa-L; Cain Haarberg-L; Noah Griffin; Caleb Weiss-L; Bryce Zuege; Black Schilke.
Seniors—Valeria Cervantes-L, TC, ; Mindy Castle-L, NSAA Fall AAS, LJS AAS; MaKenna Ketter-L, SPVA 1st Team, LJS HM, OWH HM, NPT HM, ; Taylor Nickless-L; Paige Spady-L, TC, SPVA 1st Team, LJS HM, OWH HM, NSSA Fall AAS, LJS AAS.
Juniors—Shaylee Dorn-L; Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L, SPVA HM, OWH HM; Kym Rowley.
Sophomores—Abigail Almanza; Jadin Bussell; Dawn Castle; Shaylee Heathers; Molly Luhrs; Kaylee Meeske; Taylin McNair-L SPVA 2nd Team, OWH HM; Kadyn Milner-L; Bridgette Odens-L; Freshmen—Ryelee Christensen; Peyton Fiedler; Lauren Gockley; Ragan Nickless.
Seniors—Jake Lueth-L, SQ.
Juniors—Hunter Dillan-L.
Sophomores—Colton Burpo-L, AAS; Roper Cochran-L; Bryson Fisher-L, AAS, SQ; Zac Space-L.
Freshmen—Jorge Cervantes-L; Dakota Colton; Jayden German; Caine Haarberg-L; Eli Hinojosa-L, SQ; Black Schilke-L; Caleb Weiss.
Managers—Logan Mendenhall; Cole Wilson; Jona Otto.
Boys’ basketball
Seniors—Jose Cepeda-L; Kevin Chavira-L; Jeffrey Dickey-L, TC, SPVA 1st, CSO; Kelton Fisher-L, TC, SPVA 2nd; Tyler Jennings-L; Darin Knobbe-L; Travis Luhrs-L, SPVA 1st, CSO; Ryan Moline-L, AAS; Adolfo Ortega; Isaac Sorensen-L, TC, SPVA HM; CSO.
Juniors—Brandon Chavira; Eli Engbrecht; Destyn Milner-L; Michael Musgrove; Jared Sharp-L.
Sophomores—Trace Helser; Ike Maxwell; Nolan Spady; Dakota Wallin-L, AAS; Cody Williams.
Freshmen—Fransico Barrientos; Jack Bauerle; Jace Clevenger; Kass Cochran; Noah Griffin; Will Kuenne; Juan Venegas; Bryce Zuege.
Girls’ basketball
Seniors—Emma Bauerle- L; Valeria Cervantes- L, TC; Jessica Hartman- L; MaKenna Ketter-L, AAS; Taylar Nickless- L; Paige Spady-L, SPVA 2nd, TC; Makenna Wallin-L, AAS; Juniors—Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L.
Sophomores—Sarah Allen Megan Engbrecht; Molly Luhrs- L ; Taylin McNair-L, SPVA 2nd; Kaylee Meeske; Kadyn Milner- L; Mikaela O’Brien; Josie Peterson- L; Destiny Reinke-L, SPVA 2nd; Abi Almanza- MGR; Tagan Mays- MGR; Shaylee Heathers- MGR.
Freshmen—Ryelee Christiansen; Peyton Fiedler; Emma Ferguson; Lauern Gockley; Whitney Hopp; Stevie Johnson; Ragan Nickless; Andrea Page; Ansley Wood.
Players of the year— Most Improved JV Player, Ragan Nickless; JV Defensive Player of Year, Josie Peterson; JV Offensive Player of Year, Kadyn Milner; Varsity Defensive Player of Year, Paige Spady; Varsity Offensive Player of Year, Destiny Reinke.
Boys’ track
Seniors—Sheldon Bartholomew-L; Jeffrey Dickey-L, ; Holden Dreiling-L; Kelton Fisher-L; Jacob Lueth-L, TC; Travis Luhrs-L, TC; Ryan Moline- L, AAS; Isaac Sorensen-L; Stephen Welsh-L, .
Juniors—Hunter Dillan-L; Destyn Milner-L; Indy Smith-L, AAS.
Sophomores—Hunter Bartels-L; Adam Burpo-L; Roper Cochran-L; Bryson Fisher-L; Ike Maxwell-L; Tagan Mays-L; Zac Space-L; Trace Helser- L.
Freshmen—Francisco Barrientos- L; Jack Bauerle-L; Jorge Cervantes- L; Kass Cochran- L; Jayden German- L; Noah Griffin- L; Caine Haarberg- L ; Eli Hinojosa- L; Will Kuenne- L; Blake Schilke- L; Caleb Weiss- L; Bryce Zuege- L.
Girls’ track
Seniors—Emma Bauerle- L; Mindy Castle-L; Valeria Cervantes- MGR, ; MaKenna Ketter-L, AAS, TC; Taylar Nickless- L; Paige Spady-L, AAS, TC; Makenna Wallin-L, TC.
Juniors—Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L; Jasmine Laird-L; Alyssa Moreno-L.
Sophomores—Sarah Allen-L; Brittanie Benge- L; Jaden Bussell-L; Megan Engbrecht-L; Molly Luhrs-L; Taylin McNair-L; Kaylee Meeske-L; Kadyn Milner-L; Mikaela O’Brien-L; Bridgette Odens-L; Josie Peterson-L; Brittany Simeon-L; Destiny Reinke-L; Katelyn Wheeler-L.
Freshmen—Lillian Adkins- L; Peyton Fiedler-L; Lauren Gockley-L; Kaley Hauxwell-L; Regan Nickless-L; Andrea Page-L; Kayla Schilke-L; Giovana Welsh-MGR.
Seniors—Tyler Jennings-L; Darin Knobbe-L; Allan Smith-L.
Juniors—Rabecca Huicochea-L; Lorena Mares.
Sophomores—Cade Francis-L; Vianey Marquez; Nolan Spady-L, AAS.
Seniors—Misty Cardoso-L.
Juniors—Charlie Ann Carter-L.
Sophomores—Bridgett Odens-L; Molly Luhrs-L; Dawn Castle-L; Brittanie Benge-L; Megan Engbrecht-L; Jadin Bussel-L.
Freshmen—Abby Almanza-L; Hayley Vitosh-L.
2015-16 Cheerleaders—Hayley Vitosh, Abby Almanza, Macy Coleman.

Legend: L—Letter, SQ—State Qualifer, TC—Team Captain, MGR—Manager, SATT—Scottsbluff All Tournament Team, AD—All-District, AD-HM—All-District Honorable Mention; OWH-HM—Omaha World Herald Class C1 Honorable Mention, LJS-HM—Lincoln Journal Star Class C1 Honorable Mention, WNASF —West Nebraska All- Star Game, AAS—NSAA Academic All-State, LJS-AAS—Lincoln Journal Star Academic All-State, SPVA-1st—SPVA All-Conference 1st Team, SPVA-2nd—SPVA All-Conference 2nd Team, CSO—CSO All-Star Game SPVA-HM—Honorable Mention, NEPV-HM—NE PREP VB Honorable Mention, NPT-HM—North Platte Telegraph Honorable Mention.


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