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Crowd sees school staff in new light at Faculty Follies show PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

A full house at the Chase County Schools auditorium witnessed teachers and staff in a very different light Monday night.
Dressed as old ladies, synchronized swimmers, The Blues Brothers and more, the fun night of performances was billed as a Faculty Follies FUNdraiser.
Its purposes wasn’t just for some fun entertainment. Program Coordinator Jill Bauerle said the event raised $1,300 for scholarships to be awarded by the Imperial Education Association (IEA).
It was also a great team-building event for the staff, Bauerle said.
“It was so exciting to see us come together as a staff and do something good for the school and students,” she said.    
It also provided a chance for them to work with other staff they normally don’t get to work with, she added.
“It really brought out some of the creativity of our staff,” she said.
She said even the “shy and reluctant” on the staff helped out with the event.
The opening act got the laughs started when retired teacher Al Zuege and high school math teacher Bruce Vires, as The Blues Brothers, lip-synced to “Soul Man.”
Another number drawing big laughs was billed as “CCS’s newest sport.” The quintet of Dan Lenners, Dennis Batterman, Trent Herbert, Neal Dodge and Tom Hansen moved gracefully in the “water” as synchronized swimmers.
Then there was the show’s finale by “the chair team,” a group of “retired teachers,” artfully clothed, demonstrating the importance of exercising. That group included Renae Bottom, Alex Rettele, Lorain Vires, Angie Paisley, Kim Wilson, Kim Spady, Janet Sheaffer and Becky Odens.
In all, 12 acts were staged.
Funds raised Monday came both from admissions and the raffle of items donated by staff members.
In the past the IEA raised its scholarship funds from potato bakes and taco feeds.
Bauerle said one scholarship will be awarded to a 2015 Chase County graduate and a second one to a college student who’s completed at least one year of study and has a declared education major.
Can the community expect a second annual Faculty Follies FUNdraiser next year?
Bauerle laughed and answered, “ Maybe every other year.”
She was presented a vase of flowers from the staff at the show’s conclusion for her work on the project.
Faculty Follies FUNdraiser program
“Soul Man”—The Blues Brothers, Al Zuege and Bruce Vires
“Humpty Dumpty Rap”—Carol Hess, Arlys Cupp, Lisa Krutsinger, Jacci Paisley, Becky Odens, Terri Meyer
“Classroom Skit”—Becky Odens, Lorain Vires, Terri Meyer, Dennis Batterman, Bryan Bischoff
“You Better Watch Out”—NeSa (Nebraska State Assessments) Song by Janet Sheaffer, Nancy Sorensen, Sheri Clevenger, Annie Pursley, Melissa Wallin, Rita Nickel, Dennis Batterman
“Let It Go”—a homework parody by Jill Bauerle and Kris Schoep-pey
“Drum Line”—a trashy act by Mercedes Hauxwell, Lorain Vires, Jodie Schuller, Kristin Schueler, Jill Bauerle, Janet Sheaffer, Agnes Strand, Jodie Liess
“Demonstration of CCS’ newest sport”—synchronized swimming by Dan Lenners, Dennis Batterman, Trent Herbert, Neal Dodge, Tom Hansen
“Happy Trails”—a farewell song from departing staff by Susie Stewart, Bruce and Lorain Vires, Mike and Nancy Sorensen, Virginia Harford, Annie Pursley, Brad Schoeppey, Tom Hansen, Melissa Wallin
“Killing Me Swiftly”—The trauma of the red pen by Neal Dodge, Annie Pursley, Jill Bauerle, Brandi Confer
“Favorite Things”—School version by Chelsea Zuege, Jill Bauerle, Carol Hess, Annie Pursley, Linda Lakey, Jodie Liess, Janet Sheaffer, Sheri Clevenger
“Survivor”—by the Survivettes (first-year teachers and student teacher) Brandi Confer,  Alex Rettele, Chelsie Clapp
“Musical Medley”—By the chair team of Renae Bottom, Alex Rettele, Lorain Vires, Angie Paisley, Kim Wilson, Kim Spady, Janet Sheaffer, Becky Odens