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Courthouse care changes hands PDF Print E-mail

By Diane Stamm
The Wauneta Breeze

Responsibility for the upkeep of the Chase County Courthouse and surrounding  grounds will be passed on at the end of the month after Chase County Commissioners Dave Hogsett, Chuck Vette and Don Weiss, Jr. reviewed bids at the March 24 commissioners’ meeting.
Jim Hayes was named groundskeeper and janitor of the courthouse after bids were opened for both positions. Hayes bid $1,050 per month for the grounds and $850 per month for janitorial services. Each position received one other bid. The other groundskeeper bid was $1,390 monthly and janitorial $1,000 monthly.
Bids for a new ambulance were sent out following the March 10 meeting when the commissioners visited with Billie Hayes.
After reviewing the mileage on the county’s ambulances, commissioners discovered the ambulances didn’t have as many miles on them as expected. The county generally trades an ambulance when it reaches around 65,000 miles.
The Wauneta backup ambulance is the only one that meets the requirement. Since bids have already been sent out, the commissioners will review them and decide if it’s worth pursuing.
Jason Tuller of the Chase County Development Corporation attended the meeting to update the corporation’s biannual report.
The only change made was naming Tuller as registered agent. Weiss remained president; Jodi Thompson, secretary; and Jane Moreland, treasurer. Vette will remain on the board of directors.
The commissioners received notice that the state will begin work on Highway 61 south of Enders Reservoir “in the next few months,” giving County Surveyor Ryan Dickinson time to clear the county right-of-way.
Board of Equalization
Permissive exemptions were reviewed for the Imperial Berean Church properties in Imperial on Lot 11, Block 6, Lewis and Langworth Addition and the east 83 feet of Lot 12, Block 6 of the Lewis and Langworth addition.
The houses on the properties are used as temporary lodging for missionaries, speakers and officials, as well as temporary meeting places for small groups.
Action will be taken at the next commissioners’ meeting on April 14.


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