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Faculty provides night of laughter PDF Print E-mail

What an invigorating fun night of laughter when Chase County Schools’ faculty put on a hilarious show to raise money for the Imperial Education Association scholarships.
One person commented that it had been a long time since she’s laughed so hard that her cheeks hurt. I sat by a third grader who was just one of many young students in the crowd. I’ll have to say his laughter amused me when the “Homework” poem was comically presented by a teacher. It was just great to see him engaged and paying such close attention.
Even if they hadn’t raised money for a great cause, the fact that folks of all ages came together for good wholesome entertainment with bellowing laughter achieved immeasurable value.
A teacher thought outside the box to come up with the idea for a talent show, skit, lip sync production. There is indeed amazing performance talent amongst the local faculty but a simple “I’m in!” attitude made the difference with just a week to make it happen.
Skits found teachers in student roles and the audience found laughing students possibly seeing themselves in those characters. Losing homework amongst a bag full of papers, finding homework but for the wrong class, reciting and acting out nursery rhymes and lip syncing with enthusiasm.
Oh and the synchronized swimming routine found men in rare form as they willingly learned choreography and so gracefully shared ballerina moves before the shark approached and took most of them down.
Costumes, props, sarcasm, true talent and creativity all came together to form the humor and fun that supporters were happy to pay a small price to experience. We certainly got a bang for our buck.
Despite very busy class and activity schedules in addition to personal and family demands already filling their plates, staff obviously dedicated numerous hours to brainstorming, writing scripts, making and finding props, finding costumes and practicing.
And it was obvious they enjoyed it. One teacher said it was truly a delight and a real blast. “Our audience absolutely rocked our sox!!!” she commented on Facebook.
After all the laughs, the final song found me in emotional gratitude. From the back of the room, guitars strummed and caring teachers sang genuine, heartfelt lyrics while pictures of smiling local students flashed across the screen on stage in a well-prepared power point.
Wow! Our teachers truly do care. The selected scholarship winners will benefit from the fundraising efforts. But all students benefit from teachers and staff committing their lives to making a difference for our students, giving them a good solid education to carry with them forever.
Ten staff members who are retiring or moving on filled the stage to the tune of “Happy Trails to You.” One was a cherished teacher of mine who influenced multi generations.
Changes are in the works with new administration and several young, beginning teachers coming on board. New beginnings. Old traditions. Valued wisdom.
Thank you, Faculty, for the laughs but especially for providing quality education. You are appreciated!

LORI PANKONIN is co-publisher of Johnson Publications newspapers in Imperial, Wauneta and Grant, and part-owner of the Holyoke Enterprise in Holyoke, Colo. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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