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Coach pleased with Lady Longhorns’ track opener PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

It was a good start.
That’s how Lady Longhorn Coach Troy Hauxwell viewed last Thursday’s opening track meet, a five-team event hosted by Perkins County High School in Grant.
It was billed a quadrangular, but due to some miscommunication, Wauneta-Palisade also attended. Other teams at the meet were Dundy County/Stratton and South Platte.
There were no team scores tallied  or individual medals awarded, but Chase County captured first in eight of the meet’s 18 events.
With teams allowed to enter as many athletes in events as they wanted, Hauxwell said 30 of his 32 athletes competed last Thursday. The two that didn’t are recovering from injuries.
“It gave us a benchmark, a starting point,” Hauxwell said Monday.
“It was a good start to see where we are at and where we need to go,” he added.
Chase County dominated in the shorter races, winning the 100, 200 and 800 on the efforts of MaKenna Ketter, Taylin McNair and Destiny Reinke.
One of the big surprises in the sprints was Ketter’s win in the 100, the first time for her in that event. At 13.3 seconds, that is a good time this early, Hauxwell said. Her time’s also among the top 12 in the state, he added.
Highlighting the field events were Chase County’s firsts in the pole vault and high jump.
Freshman Peyton Fielder won the pole vault with an 8’6 vault, which equalled her best as an eighth grader. Teammate Josie Peterson also went 8’6”, a personal best for her, but due to misses, was placed third.
“Those were some solid performances this early,” he said.
Katelyn Wheeler jumped a personal best of 5’2” in the high jump to win the event. That mark put her in the state’s top 10 (all classes), Hauxwell noted. She’s sitting in second with several others across the state, he said.
Of the four relays, Chase County won three of them.  
The team of McNair, Paige Spady, Kadyn Milner and Reinke won both the 1600 and 3200 meter relays.
The 400 meter powder puff relay team (throwers and jumpers) also took the top place on the efforts of Lauren Gockley, Mindy Castle, Andrea Page and Taylar Nickless.
Another Chase County powder puff team was second, outpacing teams from DCS and Perkins County.
The Lady Longhorns also had strong showings in the hurdles with seconds in both and a third in the 300’s.
In the distance races, another freshman, Kaley Hauxwell, finished the highest for the team with second in the 3200. Peterson was fourth in the 3200, while Alyssa Moreno also took fourth in the 1600. A fifth in the 3200 was turned in by freshman Kayla Schilke.
Here are the top six finishers in all events at last Thursday’s meet.
100 Meter Dash—1st, MaKenna Ketter, CC, 13.3; 2nd, Kendra Hoffert, PC, 13.5; 3rd, Makenna Wallin, CC, 13.6; 4th, Fayelee Sanford, DCS, 13.7; 5th, Carli Haislip, DCS 14.0; 6th, Sarah Allen, CC, 14.0.
200 Meter Dash—1st, Taylin McNair, CC, 27.6; 2nd, MaKenna Ketter, CC, 28.0; 3rd, Lesley Towery, W/P, 28.2; 4th, Peyton Fiedler, CC, 28.3; 5th, Sydnee Harchelroad, W/P, 28.6, 6th, Kendra Hoffert, PC, 28.8.
400 Meter Dash—1st, Aubrey Frederick, DCS, 1:03.7; 2nd, Kadyn Milner, CC, 1:04.4; 3rd, Lesley Towery, W/P, 1:04.5, 4th, Sydnee Harchelroad, W/P 1:05.3; 5th, Katelyn Wheeler, CC, 1:07.9; 6th, McKenzie Hixon, S.P., 1:10.2.
800 Meter Run—1st, Destiny Reinke, CC, 2:34.5; 2nd, Shelby Richards, S.P., 2:52.4; 3rd, Stephanie McCarthy, DCS, 2:53.0; 4th, Alejandra Almanza, W/P, 2:54.5; 5th, Audrey Dickmander, S.P., 3:07.6; 6th, Annalena Ter-Heide, DCS, 3:20.2.
1600 Meter Run—1st, Madison Lambley, DCS, 6:03.4; 2nd, Emily Kemling, PC, 6:19.8; 3rd, Shelby Richards, S.P., 6:39.8; 4th, Alyssa Moreno, CC, 6:58.1; 5th, Allie Behlke, DCS, 6:59.1; 6th, Audrey Dickmander, S.P., 7:02.3.
3200 Meter Run—1st, Madison Lambley, DCS, 12:54.8; 2nd, Kaley Hauxwell, CC, 13:48.0; 3rd, Emily Kemling, PC, 13:52.9; 4th, Josie Peterson, CC, 14:14.9; 5th, Kayla Schilke, CC, 15:08.7; 6th, Bethany Spencer, S.P., 17:24.9.
100 Meter Hurdles—1st, Faith Simpson, W/P, 18.0; 2nd, Megan Engbrecht, CC, 18.6; 3rd, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, CC, 19.0; 4th, Zoe Buntain, S.P. 19.3; 5th, Kelcie Burke, DCS, 19.5; 6th, Audrey Dickmander, S.P., 19.9.
300 Meter Hurdles—1st, Faith Simpson, W/P, 53.2; 2nd, Brittany Simeon, CC, 56.7; 3rd, Zoe Buntain, S.P. 57.3; 4th, Andrea Brayton, PC, 57.9; 5th, Laura Nelms, DCS, 1:01.5.
4x100 Meter Relay—1st, DCS, 54.9; 2nd, CC (Peyton Fiedler, MaKenna Ketter, Makenna Wallin, Jadin Bussell), 55.6; 3rd CC (Sarah Allen, Mikaela O’Brien, Megan Engbrecht, Cheyanne Kuhlmann) 56.6.
4x100 Meter Relay Powderpuff—1st, CC (Lauren Gockley, Mindy Castle, Andrea Page, Taylar Nickless), 1:00.9; 2nd, CC (Emma Bauerle, Bridgette Odens, Brittanie Benge, Ragan Nickless) 1:01.9; 3rd, DCS 1:04.1; 4th, PC 1:10.9.
4x800 Meter Relay—1st, CC (Taylin McNair, Paige Spady, Kadyn Milner, Destiny Reinke), 10:20.6; 2nd, DCS, 11:01.7.
High Jump—1st, Katelyn Wheeler, CC, 5-02; 2nd, MaKenna Ketter, CC, 5-00; 3rd, Laura Nelms, DCS, 4-02; 4th, McKenzie Hixon, S.P., 4-02; 5th, Molly Luhrs, CC, 4-00; 5th, Ragan Nickless, CC, 4-00.
Pole Vault—1st, Peyton Fiedler, CC, 8-06; 2nd, Kaylee Burke, DCS, 8-06; 3rd, Josie Peterson, CC, 8-06; 4th, Kendra Hoffert, PC, 8-00; 5th, Tiffany Hill, S.P., 7-06; 6th, Destiny Reinke, CC, 7-06.
Long Jump—1st, Lesley Towery, W/P 15-01.5; 2nd, Kaylee Burke, DCS, 14-00.00; 3rd, Tiffany Hill, S.P., 13-10.00; 4th, Kimberly Anderson, PC, 13-10.00; 5th Cheyanne Kuhlmann, CC, 13-05.50; 6th, Mikaela, O’Brien, CC, 13.03.00.
Triple Jump—1st, Kimberly Anderson, PC, 31-07.50; 2nd, Sarah Allen, CC, 31-03.00; 3rd, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, CC, 30-06.50; 4th, MaKenzie Hixon, S.P., 29-10.00; 5th, Lauren Gockley, CC, 28-03.50; 6th, Mikaela O’Brien, CC, 28-03.25.
Shot Put—1st, Payton Zarkowski, DCS, 35-01.00; 2nd, Reagan Skow, W/P, 28.04.50; 3rd, Mindy Castle, CC, 27-03.50; 4th, Andrea Page, CC, 27-01.25; 5th, Jaci Kurkowski, PC, 26-08.50; 6th, Ellie Lee, W/P, 26-02.50.
Discus Throw—1st, Faith Simpson, W/P, 113-01; 2nd, Payton Zarkowski, DCS, 107-04; 3rd, Hannah Nordhausen, W/P, 104-06; 4th, Nicole Kent, DCS, 89-09; 5th, Tessa Triplette, S.P., 88-00; 6th Sheina Reagan, DCS, 81-10.
Focus shifts to Ogallala
Hauxwell said they expected to put in some hard days early in the week prior to Thursday’s Ed Moore Track Invitational in Ogallala, which will draw some of the top track teams from western Nebraska.
“We look forward to the opportunity and the challenges to compete” that the Ogallala meet will provide, he said.
Among the top teams Chase county will face today (Thursday) are Mitchell, Cozad and Gothenburg. Other teams expected are Ainsworth, Chadron, Perkins County, Sidney and Valentine.
Field events start the meet at 10 a.m. Beginning with the 3200 meter relay, the running events will get underway at 11:30 a.m.


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