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Longhorns turn in some good marks, times at opener PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Coach Carl Zuege is encouraged by what he saw at the Longhorn boys’ first track competition of the season.
Chase County competed at the Perkins County five-team meet last Thursday, where Zuege, the boys’ head coach, watched as his team recorded eight firsts in the meet.
“It was a nice meet to get out, get started and get some times and distances down,” Zuege said.
Last Thursday’s meet in Grant was a change for the Chase County teams, who used to travel to Cambridge for their opener. Cambridge moved its invitational to April this year.
Last week’s meet also helped the coaches get a clearer picture of who and where to place athletes at this week’s Ogallala Invitational, Chase County’s toughest meet of the season, he said.
The Ed Moore Track Invitational is today (Thursday) starting at 10 a.m. with field events. The 3200 meter relay kicks of the running event at 11:30 a.m.
Zuege expects the toughest competition to come from Sidney, Cozad and Gothenburg.
Also scheduled to be at Ogallala Thursday are Ainsworth, Chadron, Mitchell, Perkins County and Valentine.
“We’ll learn a lot” Thursday in Ogallala, Zuege said.
Grant meet
Zuege said last Thursday’s meet in Grant was one of less pressure and it moved along quickly.
No team scores were tallied or medals given. However, individual placings in all of the events were recorded.
Among the Longhorn performances there, Coach Zuege listed several highlights.
One of the most noticeable was Chase County’s first place finishes in four of the mid to long distance races (400 to 3200), won by four different runners including Hunter Dillan, Holden Dreiling, Indy Smith and Will Kuenne.
Chase County also had the second place runner in the 400, 800 and 1600, as well as a number of other seconds throughout the day.
“Our distance guys looked really strong,” Zuege said.
Most of them were off of Chase County’s cross country team which placed fifth at state last fall.
“I’m happy to see that group come off the cross country season and do well,” he added.
Freshman Jack Bauerle dominated the throws, winning both the shot and discus  with some good marks, Zuege said. He’s showing some good development this early, he added.
There was also a nice surprise in the pole vault when senior Jake Lueth jumped a personal best of 13’0” to finish second behind Dundy Co./Stratton freshman Phalen Sanford. Lueth did not compete for the Longhorns last year, as he was in school at Wray, Colo.
Chase County teams also won both the 1600 meter relay and the 400 meter weightman’s relay.
Coach Zuege said he was happy to see the progress from junior Hunter Dillan, who sat out last season with an injury.
Here are the top six place-winners in each event.
100 Meters Dash—1st, Derek Sis, PC, 11.4; 2nd, Mitchell Sestak, PC, 11.7; 3rd, Jeffrey Dickey, CC, 11.9; 4th, Guillermo Diaz, DCS, 11.9; 5th, Roper Cochran, CC, 12.0; 6th, Rowan Ford S.P. 12.0.
200 Meters Dash—1st, Derek Sis, PC, 24.0; 2nd, Mitchell Sestak, PC, 24.5; 3rd, Jeffrey Dickey, CC, 24.8; 4th, Rowan Ford S.P. 25.1; 5th, Hunter Dillan, CC, 25.2; 6th, Eddy Peterman S.P. 25.5.
400 Meters Dash—1st, Hunter Dillan, CC, 56.6; 2nd, Bryson Fisher, CC, 57.5; 3rd, Brody Nordhausen, W/P, 01:00.4; 4th, Blake Schilke, CC, 01:00.7; 5th, Marcus Sattler S.P. 01:25.4.
800 Meters Run—1st, Holden Dreiling, CC, 2:10.0; 2nd, Ryan Moline, CC, 02:13.37; 3rd, Julius Dickmander S.P. 2:27.5; 4th, Gideon Fink, DCS, 2:31.9; 5th, Brody Nordhausen, W/P, 2:34.8; 6th, Cash Yearous, W/P, 2:37.7.
1600 Meters Run—1st, Indy Smith, CC, 05:06.19; 2nd, Ike Maxwell, CC, 05:19.51; 3rd, Ty Swenson, DCS, 05:22.09; 4th, Nikolas Willis, DCS, 05:22.45; 5th, Jason Nolting-Farrier S.P. 05:22.77; 6th, Eli Fink, DCS, 05:24.9.
3200 Meters Run—1st, Will Kuenne, CC, 11:27.0; 2nd, Jason Nolting-Farrier S.P. 11:37.1; 3rd, Nikolas Willis, DCS, 11:39.0; 4th, Ty Swenson, DCS, 11:40.0; 5th, Bailey Peckham, DCS, 11:42.0; 6th, Eli Fink, DCS, 11:50.2.
110m Hurdles—1st, DJ Sandberg, DCS, 16.9; 2nd, Destyn Milner, CC, 17.3; 3rd, Hunter Coats, PC, 17.4; 4th, Julius Dickmander S.P. 18.9; 5th, Jorge Cervantes, CC, 19.4; 6th, Gage Crowell, W/P, 19.7.
300m Hurdles—1st, Phalen Sanford, DCS, 42; 2nd, DJ Sandberg, DCS, 43.3; 3rd, Hunter Coats, PC, 44.1; 4th, Destyn Milner, CC, 45.1; 5th, Guillermo Diaz, DCS, 46.9; 6th, Caleb Weiss, CC, 47.5.
4x100 Relay—1st, PC 46.0; 2nd, DCS 46.2; 3rd, CC (Juan Venegas, Caleb Weiss, Bryson Fisher, Jeffrey Dickey) 46.9; 4th, CC (Francisco Barrientos, Jayden German, Bryce Zuege, Jack Bauerle) 51.4.
4x100 Weight-man’s Relay—1st, CC (Caine Haarberg, Eli Hinojosa, Zac Space, Isaac Sorensen) 51.8; 2nd, DCS 53.2; 3rd, CC (Hunter Bartels, Trace Helser, Blake Schilke, Noah Griffin) 54.00; 4th, PC 54.1; 5th, PC 57.1; 6th, S.P. 58.3.
4x400 Relay—1st, CC (Juan Venegas, Caleb Weiss, Bryson Fisher, Jeffrey Dickey) 03:50.9; 2nd, PC 03:51.2; 3rd, W/P 04:29.5.
4x800 Relay—1st, DCS 09:43.4; 2nd, PC 11:07.6.
Shot Put—1st, Jack Bauerle CC 43-01.00; 2nd, Gage Crowell W/P 39-11.75; 3rd, Hunter Bartels CC 39-07.00; 4th, Eli Hinojosa CC 38-11.25; 5th, Miles Lagler PC 38-02.50; 6th, Zac Space CC 38-02.25.
Discus Throw—1st, Jack Bauerle CC 131-03; 2nd, Marcus Fox DCS 126-04; 3rd, Zac Space CC 123-06; 4th, Isaac Sorensen CC 123-04; 5th, Colin Penrod S.P. 113-03; 6th, Kelton Fisher CC 108-11.
High Jump—1st, Phalen Sanford DCS 6-00.00; 2nd, Tristen Kennicutt PC 5-08.00; 3rd, Juan Venegas CC 5-04.00; 4th, Carson Sletten PC 5-02.00; 5th, Rowan Ford S.P. 5-02.00.
Pole Vault—1st, Phalen Sanford DCS 13-06.00; 2nd, Jake Lueth CC 13-00.00; 3rd, Julius Dickmander S.P. 11-00.00; 4th, Sam Rowley PC 10-06.00; 5th, Roper Cochran CC 10-00.00; 6th, Gabe Wright PC 9-00.00.
Long Jump—1st, Rowan Ford S.P. 19-00.25; 2nd, Zak Kurkowski PC 18-04.50; 3rd, Bryson Fisher CC 17-05.50; 4th, Roper Cochran CC 17-04.00; 5th, Tristen Kennicutt PC 17-01.50; 6th, Caleb Weiss CC 16-09.25.
Triple Jump—1st, Zak Kurkowski PC 39-07.00; 2nd, Noah Kerchal DCS 37-01.00; 3rd, Sam Rowley PC 36-09.50; 4th, Noah Griffin CC 35-09.00; 5th, Sheldon Bartholomew CC 33-04.50.


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