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Imperial takes second in swim meet opener PDF Print E-mail
    Imperial’s first swim meet of the 2009 season is in the books, after the team placed second in Saturday’s opener in Bird City, Kan.
    It was a fairly large meet, drawing six teams from Nebraska and Kansas.
    Atwood, Kan., won the meet with 448 points, followed by Imperial 323, St. Francis, Kan. 231, Bird City, Kan. 168, Grant 78 and Wauneta 19.
    Imperial will be host to a swim meet this Saturday. It will be the first meet in the new city pool located on East 9th St.
    Swim Coach/Pool Manager Michelle Wilson said warm-ups start Saturday at 7:30 a.m., with the meet getting underway at 8 a.m.
    Here are Saturday’s results from Bird City.
8 and under girls
Macy Coleman—6th free 48:51, 5th back 51:51.
Gentry Fisher—5th back 47:35.
Mallie McNair—1st Butterfly 37:06.
8 and under boys
Kalen Wallin—1st breast 43:36.
Taylor Jablonski—6th free 38:10.
Landis Beverly—5th free 35:86, 2nd back 38:42.
Kobe Clevenger—4th free 35:65.
9-10 girls
Taylin McNair—1st IM 50:52, 1st free 19:68, 3rd breast 28:00.
Kristina Pflum—5th free 21:75, 5th breast 28:68
Alexis Jensen—3rd free 20:40,  5th breast 32:89, 1st back 23:35.
Ali Pflum—6th breast 33:26.
9-10 boys
Cain Haarberg—3rd butterfly 31:71, 3rd IM 1:05:5, 1st breast 27:45.
Jace Clevenger—3rd free 26:58, 1st back 34:45.
Will Kuenne—4th free 35:76, 2nd back 34:53.
Blake Schilke—4th back 40:00.
Dakota Wallin—1st butterfly 22:11,  1st IM 54:53, 1st free 20:03.
11-12 girls
Aubrey Fisher—3rd free 41:28, 2nd IM 1:57:59, 2nd breast 50:20.
Janessa Haarberg—6th free 43:35, 5th breast 54:77, 3rd butterfly 52:98.
Makenna Wallin—1st IM 1:48:06, 3rd breast 52:14, 1st butterfly 48:90.
Claire Kuenne—6th back 1:07:58.
11-12 boys
Eli Engbrecht—1st butterfly 1:18:86, 4th free 49:24.
13-14 girls
Sabrina Hayes—6th breast 1:01:58,  5th back 1:07:23,  1st Long free 1:52:18.
Alyssa Fisher—5th IM 1:43:75, 3rd free 39:17,  1st back 45:97.
13-14 boys
Garret Thompson—2nd IM 1:53:38, 3rd breast 47:45.
Justin German—1st free 30:25,  1st breast 45:33, 2nd butterfly 36:18.
Kevin German—6th breast 1:02:85, 4th back 1:00:52.
Ethan Haarberg—6th free 45:90, 5th breast 1:02:63, 1st back 39:20.
15-18 girls
Hannah Harmon—2nd free 41:00, 2nd IM 1:54:47, 1st back 50:95.
Medley Relay
1st 2:54:15 Taylor Jablonski, Kalen Wallin, Kobe Clevenger, Landis Beverly.
2nd 1:24:07  Lauren Prior, Ali Pflum, Stevie Baker, Kelly Christensen.
1st 89:18 Alexis Jensen, Megan Engbrecht, Taylin McNair, Kristina Pflum.
1st 1:56:51 Jace Clevenger, Cain Haarberg, Will Kuenne, Dakota Wallin.
2nd 1:20:91 Janessa Haarberg, Makenna Wallin, Aubrey Fisher, Charlie Ann Carter.
1st 1:13:00 Justin German, Garret Thompson, Ethan Haarberg, Kevin German.
2nd 1:22:20 Alyssa Fisher, Hannah Harmon, Sabrina Hayes, Jasmine Laird.

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