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Science student teacher enthusiastic about students PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

David Keim of Bridgeport  is busy traveling from teacher to teacher and class to class at Chase County Schools (CCS). He is student teaching this semester to complete his education at Chadron State College.
Keim, 23, is teaching  under the direction of Larry Munger in earth sciences, Kim Wilson in chemistry and basic biology and Neal Dodge in eighth grade science.
“I like that I can pass on some science information,” he said of his decision to teach. “I’ve spent my whole life in school  learning and from time to time felt I had the aptitude in relaying what I’ve learned to other people.”
“I enjoy the feeling like I can show people something they haven’t experienced.”
Keim added that science isn’t the most popular or best subject for a lot of students, “so I can help.”
He graduated from Bridgeport High School in 2009, and will receive his Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Chadron this May. The degree comes with a field endorsement in natural sciences grades 6-12 and a subject emphasis in earth and space science.
Keim said he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, as he’s juggling the same load his supervising teachers are, plus he has to make up his class materials, has college homework and “the paperwork and hoops I have to jump through (for college) is challenging.”
But, he’s looking toward the future, where he envisions himself teaching in a rural setting. He might also work towards a Masters degree.
Sooner than that, however, he’ll probably work at Fort Robinson this summer, as he has in the past.
Keim enjoys playing with dogs, hunting, golf, fishing and taking apart and rebuilding things.
He also enjoys cooking, and commends the school lunches at CCS.
Keim is the son of Mark and Deb Keim of Bridgeport, and has four sisters.


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