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Future of Eagles looking brighter PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

The financial status of Eagles Aerie #3472 in Imperial is good for now.
That’s  compared to last summer, when the future of the club was uncertain.
Trustee Mike Liewer said the rosier outlook is due to several things—a hands-on board, volunteer help, a pared-back meal plan and generous donations.
The Eagles Club makes most of its money from a food booth during the Chase County Fair.         “We had an average fair last summer,” Liewer noted, netting $27,000 to $28,000 once bills were paid.
However, Liewer said the board found out it owed state and federal taxes, and most of the profit went to “square Uncle Sam and the state.”
By December, the Eagles Club had about $10,000 in the bank with all taxes and bills paid.
That balance is now about $11,000 to $13,000 every month, Liewer said.
The board hopes to increase its coffers up to $35-37,000 after the fair next summer, “and then we can get CDs like we had before,” Liewer explained.
The board is saving some money by eliminating the manager position and doing the work itself.
“We’re very fortunate that everyone has a different niche job,” Liewer said. As president Lee Denker orders the consumables and directs the popular Thursday night hamburger night.
Other board members have other duties.
In addition, the board reviews all bills and approves payments at each meeting, and uses QuickBooks to record every financial transaction.
“Before we had the manager handle this. Now everybody sees them and we have more eyes on” finances, Liewer said.
“We now have due diligence on all expenses and things I think weren’t happening before, he said.”
A number of people have donated or have wanted to donate money to the Eagles Club to help it financially. Liewer said if someone wants to donate, it’s “100 percent tax-free and is going into the till to add to the monthly balance, not to pay for a certain item we’re behind in” owing.
The board is also actively searching for events that are good money-makers, Liewer said, such as a fair-type event during the upcoming Traveling Vietnam Wall visit to Imperial.
At present there are no plans to bring back the Friday and Saturday night meals, but the Thursday hamburger night will go on as it always has. Weddings, meetings and other special events will  have the use of the club kitchen.
Liewer said the board has “really stepped up” to save the club, and “We have super employees who get things done for us.”
He also points to incredible volunteers such as Donita Pribbeno, who “has been a star” in doing all sorts of jobs around the club.
“We’re going to have a club because the board came together and because of volunteerism. We have our old crowd back, he said.”
And, new members are always invited and welcome.


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