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New building should be ready for 2015 fair PDF Print E-mail

By Diane Stamm
The Wauneta Breeze

After months of wondering, Chase County Commissioners and fair board members moved ahead with a plan for a new building on the fairgrounds during the Jan. 27 meeting of the commissioners.
Ryan Stromberger, Chad Oxford and Dave Schilke joined commissioners Dave Hogsett, Chuck Vette and Don Weiss, Jr. in reviewing and approving the plan for the proposed fair building.
Jeff Tidyman, hired by the county to oversee the two new road buildings and the fair building, noted the State Fire Marshal said the building must have a sprinkler system because of its occupancy numbers. Changes to the plan to lower the occupancy would mean the building wouldn’t need the system.
Stromberger said down the road the fair board would regret making the building smaller and Weiss concurred, saying that now was the time to do it right. The $50,000 cost to keep the sprinkler system in was a drop in the bucket when looking at an overall price tag, they said.
Tidyman, who said he expects the building to cost less that $600,000, was given permission to start collecting bids. The building is expected to be completed by July 1.
The fair board will pay for half the cost with the other half coming from the county’s inheritance fund, to be repaid by the fair board.
Airport Zoning Board
Bill Bauerle and Kenny Owens, members of the Imperial Airport Joint Zoning Board, brought two names to the commissioners for approval to join that board.
Bauerle said a change to a statute means board members from the city and county will be serving four-year terms. The commissioners approved Kenny Schilke and Chad Wallin to the board.
Bauerle and Owens also presented an up-to-date zoning map. Bauerle compared the map to an upside-down wedding cake with layers for city, county, state and federal airspace.
The next meeting of the Chase County Commissioners will be Feb. 10.

Other county business
With no objections heard at a public hearing, commissioners approved applications for federal transit system funding with the hope of obtaining a new handi-bus. With the funding, Chase County would spend $11,000 for a new bus while using $44,000 in federal funds. As of yet, no bids have been received.
County Assessor Dottie Bartels joined the meeting to ask for two exemptions and two tax corrections. St. Patrick Catholic Church asked for an exemption for the house on the corner at 7th and Broadway which will be torn down and used for parking during church activities. Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska asked for an exemption for its house in Wauneta. Action for both will be taken at the next commissioners’ meeting. As far as corrections, Jack Baranway moved two mobile homes out of Imperial and the commissioners approved the corrections to his taxes.
Tidyman, in his role as highway superintendent, also presented the board with seven intersections flagged by the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association. All seven, which are located in the western half of the county, have obstacles which make it hard to see oncoming traffic. The commissioners agreed that stop or yield signs were worth putting up at all the intersections.
A 1986 Ford F150 four-wheel drive pickup was declared surplus  property and the county will be taking sealed bids from those interested in purchasing the pickup until Feb. 24.
A new interlocal agreement was approved allowing Keith County to join the Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department. Chase County is also a member of the SWNPHD.


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