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Commissioners replace Larry Carpenter on hospital board; Eddie Nichols is appointed PDF Print E-mail
By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

    By a vote of 2-1 at their May 12 meeting, Chase County commissioners acted to remove Larry Carpenter from the board of trustees of the Chase County Community Hospital.
    At last week’s meeting, Eddie Nichols of Wauneta was approved by the commissioners to fill the vacancy.
    Nichols joined with other volunteers in Wauneta in the development and construction of a new medical clinic building in Wauneta.
    Nichols, a longtime rancher on the South Divide, has previous board experience, serving on the Dundy County hospital board.
    Commissioner Jodi Thompson of Imperial said Nichols will bring some good knowledge to the board, along with some new ideas. He will be a good addition, she said.
Carpenter’s service short-lived
    Carpenter attended two hospital board meetings during his short appointment.
    Appointees serve at the pleasure of the commissioners.
    Carpenter said he didn’t feel he did anything wrong to merit being removed from the board.
    When he went on the board, Carpenter said he wanted to learn why some local people choose to seek health care elsewhere.
    He said he was also concerned about the lack of morale and teamwork among the staff members.
    As a board member, Carpenter said he believed he was seen as someone rocking the boat.
    At the May 12 commissioners’ meeting, commissioner Jodi Thompson of Imperial was joined by commissioner Chuck Vette in voting to remove Carpenter.
    Don Weiss, Jr. voted against removing Carpenter. It was Weiss who supported appointing Carpenter to the board.
    Both Thompson and Vette said they believed Carpenter wasn’t a right fit for the board. They said things are going well at the hospital and they didn’t want to upset that.
    Carpenter said all is not well at the hospital and felt he could have an impact to make changes.
    Vette said another motivating factor for him was to have Wauneta representation on the board.
    He said this is a county hospital and he wants to help unify the county behind it, as well as in other things done by the county.
    Hospital Administrator Lola Jones said it’s crucial to have representation from Wauneta on the board.