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Passage of ultrasound bill promotes informed consent PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor
    In the closing days of the 2009 Nebraska Unicameral session, senators overwhelmingly adopted LB 675, termed the “Ultrasound Bill.”
 It passed on a 40-5-4 vote. The Governor is expected to sign the bill today (Thursday).
 In a nutshell, the bill provides the opportunity for a woman who is about to undergo an abortion to view an ultrasound image of the child inside her womb first. It doesn’t require that she look at the ultrasound screen.
 It was no surprise that the bill passed, although a number of amendments were offered to water it down. It is hoped, according to its sponsors, that with this legislation, a woman considering an abortion has as much information as possible about a procedure that can have a long-lasting impact.
 Imperial’s Sen. Mark Christensen was with the majority in voting for the bill.
 In a recent national poll that showed, for the first time in several years, that the majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life, we should support any efforts like LB 675 that promote more information about what abortion is and who it involves.
    We do much the same and, in most cases more, when any other type of surgical procedure is being done.
 In an era where we have a U.S. President who is, hands-down, the most pro-abortion president we have ever seen, I’m thankful individual states, at least, still have the authority in taking the opposite direction.