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Could Unity March signal a turning point in terrorism fight? PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
The world was once again gripped in tragedy when terrorists killed 17 people in France last week. But what resulted after those killings could represent a turning point in the fight against terrorism.
On Sunday, leaders from around the world gathered in Paris, France. They marched arm-in-arm through the streets of Paris to symbolize that their countries were united in the fight against terrorism.
Never before have countries of the world come together like this to show their solidarity in the fight against terrorism. They were joined by 3.5 million Frenchmen who marched, both to share their grief over the loss of lives and to show their disgust and intolerance for the evils of terrorism.
For the most part, it’s been the United States armed forces who have been carrying the weight of the world for more than a decade in the fight against terrorism.
Despite the sacrifice of the lives of young men and women and the billions of dollars spent by the U.S. to fight terrorism, the U.S. efforts have been under-appreciated on the world stage.
Americans will never forget 9-11 and why we’re so fervent about stamping out terrorism. As terrorism hits other countries, those countries are finally realizing just how important they can be in the fight against it.
Maybe that lack of appreciation over the years is why the U.S. didn’t have one of its leaders marching arm-in-arm with other leaders of the world.
The U.S. was represented instead by its ambassador to France.  So the question burns—just where were President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden? Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris for a meeting on terrorism but did not march.
Afterwards, the White House said they screwed up by not sending someone of a higher stature. They cited security concerns as to why they didn’t send Obama or Biden.
Frankly, that boat doesn’t float when you consider that many leaders of the free world needed security protection as well, walking openly in the streets Paris.
It’s yet another embarrassment for our great country at the hands of people inept at leadership.
Let’s hope this Unity March can begin the process of countries joining together as one to defeat terrorism.


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