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Board approves $900 base pay hike for teachers PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Teachers at Chase County Schools (CCS) will see a base pay increase in their salaries for the 2015-16 school year.
At the board of education’s monthly meeting Monday night, a 9-0 vote approved the base pay of $33,500, an increase of $900 from this year’s $32,600 base pay figure.    
The 2015-16 package settlement between the Imperial Education Association (IEA) and the board’s negotiations committee came almost two months sooner than last year.
First-year teachers with no additional college credits will receive the base pay. The salary increases significantly as staff adds years to their time at CCS and/or earns extra hours of post-graduate study.
As an example, a teacher who has been at CCS for three years with no additional post-graduate hours will earn $38,022.50 for 2015-16.
A teacher at CCS for eight years who’s earned a master’s degree will receive $53,097.50 in 2015-16.    
The salary schedule hits a salary cap of $63,650 for next year for a teacher with a PhD who has 12 or more years in the CCS system.
Teachers and administrators will continue to have full premiums paid for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance again next year. In addition, the district pays for a portion of their deductibles,
The district pays the entire premium for full-time certificated staff, whether they are on the single or family plan.
For single policy-holders, the deductible is $950, which will stay the same in 2015-16. Of that $950, the employee pays $500. The district pays the $450 difference with documentation.
For teachers on the policies covering families, the deductible is $1,900. The employee pays $1,000 of that deductible, while the district pays the $900 difference, also with documentation.
The district also provides 50 to 80 percent of the cost of the PPO dental plan offered at CCS.
Any CCS employee covered by this agreement who is employed at least half-time is eligible to participate in the school’s health insurance, too. The district will pay the portion of their premium cost equivalent to the full time equivalency (FTE) the employee is working.
Supt. Brad Schoeppey said the BCBS policy costs to CCS next year will increase 1.9 percent. It will add an additional cost to the district of $12,100, he said.
Negotiations committee member Karl Meeske told fellow board members Monday, “We got the best deal we could.”
There will be no change in the district’s “Schedule B” extra assignment salaries for 2015-16 (coaching, class sponsorships, etc.), but Meeske said they likely will visit the issue again in next year’s negotiations.
Also serving with Meeske on the board’s negotiations committee were Gregg Smith, Penny Strand and Tom Gaschler.
The school board met this month on Monday night instead of Tuesday, their regular meeting time. Board members moved it a day early to avoid Tuesday’s K-6 Christmas concert.
More on the board meeting will be covered next week.