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Total city sales tax proceeds top $700,000 PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican
    After a low month in February, the monthly Imperial city sales tax receipts bounced back in March, with a total of $33,342.07 coming in, according to the report from the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue.
    That was over $8,000 higher than the monthly take in February.
    During the March sales tax accumulation, $3,693.37 came from the city sales tax charged on vehicle purchases. By law, that goes directly into the city’s street department budget.
    In all, the total proceeds since the sales tax started in Imperial in April, 2007, has brought in $706,795.61.
    Based on a vote by Imperial residents, the city’s sales tax proceeds are divided 50/50 between community improvement projects and economic development efforts.

City sales tax proceeds

  Receipt                               Total
       Month                              Receipts   
April-07    $20,199.40
May-07    $23,956.01
June-07    $28,766.35
July-07    $27,100.34
August-07    $28,885.17
September-07    $26,237.63
October-07    $27,883.12
November-07    $22,397.37
December-07    $27,298.21
January-08    $39,567.13
February-08    $26,144.16
March-08    $28,637.64
April-08    $34,977.58
May-08    $30,634.26
June-08    $36,651.61
July-08    $38,195.20
August-08    $32,126.00
September-08    $30,490.55
October-08    $32,342.49
November-08    $26,366.88
December-08    $35,016.90
January-09    $29,044.90
February-09    $25,195.74
March-09    $33,342.07
 Total    $706,795.61    


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