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Students say ‘no’ to bullying PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

A light mist didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Chase County Schools elementary students last Wednesday, although it might have moistened the construction paper on their anti-bullying chain.
The students and their teachers were celebrating Unity Day outdoors near the flagpole.
Unite Against Bullying is when schools, communities and those online are urged to come together to unite against bullying.
Elementary Principal Susie Stewart asked four students to tell how they would end bullying. Jordan Jablonski said she would treat everyone as a friend.
The students created a visual unity by writing a message on an orange strip of paper. The strips were then linked together in their classrooms.
At the unity ceremony outside school Wednesday, the teachers then linked their chains with chains from other classrooms.
That created a visual uniting for a common cause.


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