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WVFD stops potential elevator fire in Wauneta PDF Print E-mail

By Sheri Hink-Wagner

The Wauneta Breeze

The Wauneta Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) was called to the Frenchman Valley Coop elevator in Wauneta Friday afternoon where they stopped what could have turned into a dangerous fire.
Shane Anderson, Location Manager for the Wauneta FVC elevator, said, “We’re thankful they were able to respond to our call and for all they did. We’re lucky to have such a great volunteer fire department in Wauneta.”
Firefighter Dan Rigel said WVFD was called out when a bearing went out, causing grain to smolder in the boot pit at the bottom of the elevator.
The firefighters prevented the grain from igniting by removing the smoldering grain.
Rigel said WVFD volunteers climbed down into the boot pit and removed the smoldering grain in buckets. He explained they did not want to spray water down into the boot pit for fear the water would disturb dust in the pit, which could then ignite.
WVFD initially called the Imperial Volunteer Fire Department in for mutual aid, but were able to cancel the call when they felt the incident was under control.
In total, WVFD was at the elevator for about an hour and a half, returning to the fire barn at approximately 4 p.m.


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