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By Carolyn Lee

The Imperial Republican

Students at Chase County Schools (CCS) “swept up” at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island last month.
Not only did CCS place first in the elementary schools School Sweepstakes, but three students will participate in a special award presentation and celebration for Statehood Day next spring.
They are Miles Hanes, kindergarten, art; Addison Robinson, grade two, health poster; and Travis Luhrs, 11th grade, science display.
CCS kindergarten teacher Arlys Cupp, who coordinates the CCS students for the state fair, said it is very challenging to be the number one school in the state with the accumulated School Sweepstakes points.
In addition, many students earned rosettes and plaques for their efforts in the Education Department projects.
Prize money, $100 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place in each category, is given as a college scholarship, awarded to students when they begin their freshman year of college.
CCS won a total of $1,800 in scholarship dollars, and $500 in community service dollars.
First and second place winners received plaques, while rosettes were given through 10th place.
The NEBRASKAland Foundation Inc. provided the awards. Central Community College donated prizes and hours of volunteer labor, while Doane College also donated prizes.
Individual Sweepstakes winners were awarded points for each contest area, and received a trophy, rosette and college scholarship money. First place in each category was given $150.
Individual Sweepstakes
Grades K-2—Addison Robinson, grade two, first place; Cooper Dillan, grade two, fifth place, and Easton Fries, grade two, sixth place;
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, first place; Ashton Robinson, grade three, fifth place.
3-D Art
Grade K-2—Addison Robinson, grade two, first, second and fourth place;
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp grade five, first, sixth and honorable mention; Ashton Robinson, grade three, second place.
Grade K-2—Miles Hanes, kindergarten, first; Bryan Martinez, kindergarten, second; Yeseni Ruiz, grade one, fourth; Jayme Gittlein, kindergarten, fifth; Anna Aragon, kindergarten, sixth; Addison Robinson, grade two, seventh; Josiah Mireles, kindergarten, eighth; and honorable mentions to Gunner Browning, kindergarten, Alissa Dockery, kindergarten; Brandon Estrada, kindergarten, Kaydence Haldeen kindergarten, Kye Terryberry, kindergarten, Trace Terryberry, kindergarten; Beau Weiss, kindergarten; Odessa Zadina, kindergarten;
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, second; Ashton Robinson, grade three, fourth; Chloe Soltis, grade five, fifth; Sidney Schilke, grade five, eighth.
Brick Art
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, fifth.
Cup Stacking
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, first.
Grades K-2—Easton Fries, grade two, first; Haylee Markee, grade two, second; Jensen Olsen, grade two, third; Jayme Gittlein, kindergarten, fourth; Addison Robinson, grade two, fifth; Ella Colson, grade two, sixth; Anna Lucia Aragon, kindergarten, seventh; Gunner Browning, kindergarten, eighth; Kathya Aragon, grade two, ninth; and honorable mentions to Ali Cochran, grade two; Cooper Dylan, grade two; Miles Hanes, kindergarten; Josiah Mireles, kindergarten; Ray Murillo, grade two; Trace Terryberry, kindergarten.
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, sixth; Ashton Robinson, grade three, ninth.
Grades 6-8—Gabrielle Krutsinger, grade six, fourth; Colby Taylor, grade six, sixth; Carissa Hill, grade six, eighth; and honorable mentions to Bennett Bauerle, grade six; Kobe Clevenger, grade six; Shakota Colton, grade six; Dylan Dreiling, grade six; Stephen Johnson, grade six; Mikael Kuhlmann, grade six; Madison Schuler, grade six.
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, tenth.
Health Poster
Grades K-2—Addison Robinson, grade two, first.
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, first; Ashton Robinson, grade three, second.
Grades K-2—Cooper Dillan grade two, first; Tyler O’Neil, grade two, third; Mason Tyerman, grade two, fourth; Mason Wallin, grade two, fifth; Kimberly Hernandez, grade two, sixth; Jaret Peterson, grade two, seventh; Kevin Dannatt, grade two, eighth; Ella Colson, grade two, ninth; Caleb Richman, grade two, tenth; and honorable mentions to Kathya Aragon, grade two; Anahy Diaz, grade two; Faith Hauxwell, grade two; Braxton Maris, grade two; Tristan Nordhausen, grade two; Jill Pankonin, grade two; Traven Richardson, grade two; Addison Robinson, grade two; Iris Robles, grade two; Krystal Smith, grade two; Katelyn Stamm, grade two; Athziry Valenzuela, grade two; Yasmin Zambrana-Lopez, grade two.
Grades K-2—Addison Robinson, grade two, first;
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, third; Ashton Robinson, grade three, seventh.
Science Display
Grades K-2—Beau Weiss, kindergarten, ninth; Bryan Martinez, kindergarten, tenth; and honorable mention to Addison Robinson, grade two; Kaydence Haldeen, kindergarten and Brandon Estrada, kindergarten;
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, second; Ashton Robinson, grade three, eighth;
Grades 9-12—Travis Luhrs, grade 11, first; MaKenna Wallin, grade 11, second; Mindy Castle, grade 11, third; Ryan Moline, grade 11, fourth; Darin Knobbe, grade 11, fifth; MaKenna Ketter, grade 11, sixth; Cade Francis, grade nine, seventh; Paige Spady, grade 11, eighth; Jessica Hartman, grade 11, ninth; Kadyn Milner, grade 9, tenth.
Grades 3-5—Morayah Cupp, grade five, honorable mention.
The CCS second and third grade classes tied in the Service Project division, so will split the $300 total money won. The cash will be used for a new project or a continuing project.
Second grade—Kathya Aragon, Ali Cochran, Ella Colson, Kevin Dannatt, Anahy Diaz, Cooper Dillan, Easton Fries, Denisse Guillen, Faith Hauxwell, Zachary Herbert, Kimberly Hernandez, Cameron Johnson, Braxton Maris, Hailey Markee, Zane Mays, James McArthur, Walker Mollendor, Faith Morris, Ray Murillo, Jason Nelson, Tristan Nordhausen, Jensen Olsen, Tyler O’Neil, Jill Pankonin, Jaret Peterson, Brendan Pump, Lessly Pump, Traven Richardson, Caleb Richman, Addison Robinson, Iris Robles, Brooke Schilke, Jonathan Sasa, Samantha Schrotberger, Krystal Smith, Katelyn Stamm, Tristen Stumpff, Natalia Torres, Mason Tyerman, Athziry Valenzuela, Mason Wallin, Kylee Wiest, Jecca Yaw, Yasmin Zambrana-Lopez.
Third Grade—Giselle Acuna, Kade Anderson, Ricardo Brandos, Colby Burpo, Ashley Camacho, Alejandro Castillo, Kayla Chavira, Joee Clevenger, Kiersten Colton, Peyton Dubas, Bryan Enriques, Aurora Griebel, Madelynn Hanes, Michael Hernandez, Jaiden Hill, Carter Leibbrandt, Brock Liebhart, Carleigh Lewis, Kaylie Lotspeich, Liliana Marquez, Annika McDaniel, Aliana McNair, Bryn McNair, Jesus Martinez, Krista Meeske, Johan Mireles, Dawson Mollendor, Ian Moreno, Raissa Nevarez, Colin O’Neil, Grisleydi Ortega, Samira Pedrosa, Elizabeth Reeves, Ashton Robinson, Jesusita Ruiz, Ella Schoenholz, Molly Spicer, Natalia Torres, MaKenzie Vogt.
Service Project
Grades 6-12—Ashley Bubak, grade six; Caleb Bubak, grade 10; Morayah Cupp, grade five; Trace Helser, grade nine; Rabecca Huicochea, grade nine; Riley Owens, grade six; Brice Vitosh, grade four; Hayley Vitosh, grade eight, first.


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