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Two-man, two-lady scramble held at Enders golf course PDF Print E-mail

On Aug. 9, the Enders Lake Golf Course was the site for a 27-hole mixed format two-man and two-lady scramble. Fifteen teams were at play in the men’s division with seven ladies’ teams at play.
Topping the men’s division were Matt Klima and Lee Denker with 110. Annie Longan and Keri Ohlson teamed up to take the ladies’ division with 121.
Format for each round was as follows:
Round 1­—Best Ball. Both players play own ball and take the lowest score of the two players.
Round 2—Alternate Shot. One player tees off on the odd numbered holes and other on even numbered holes and play alternate shots.
Round 3—Scramble. Both hit and choose best lie of the two balls with both players hitting from that position and continue until ball is holed.
The following results show best ball, alternate shot, scramble and total.
Flag prizes (27 holes):
#1. Closest to pin on second shot, Keri Ohlson.
#2. Closest to pin on drive, Doug Carman.
#3. Closest to pin second shot, Jess Vapenik.
#4. Longest putt on green, Geoff Beemer.
#5. Longest putt on green, Geoff Beemer.
#6. Longest drive in fairway (men), Brian O’Neil.
#7. Closest to pin on drive, Matt Klima.
#8. Longest putt on green, Lee Denker.
#9. Longest drive in fairway (women), Keri Ohlson.
Men’s Division
Championship Flight
1. Matt Klima and Lee Denker, 36-40-34=110; 2. (tie) Joe Humphrey and Jess Vapenik, 37-43-36=116; Rod Beemer and Geoff Beemer, 38-43-35=116.
First Flight
1. Matt Borchers and Joe Johnston, 40-39-32=111; 2. Harold Nordhausen and Kerry Denker, 40-41-35=116; 3. (tie) Ralph Langhofer and Art Luhrs, 40-45-38=123; Barry Marshall and Alex Marshall, 42-42-39=123.
Second Flight
1. Matt Jablonski and Joel Burke, 44-48-38=130; 2. Rick Jens and Trent Harshbarger, 44-50-37=131; 3. Brian O’Neil and Brandon O’Neil, 48-48-36=132.
Ladies’ Division
Championship Flight

1. Annie Longan and Keri Ohlson, 38-46-37=121; 2. Candy Druse and Roxane Miller, 41-47-45=133.
First Flight
1. Wendi Nordhausen and Jennifer DeWester, 49-51-44=144.