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Kinser highlights raceway fun in Salute to the King Tour PDF Print E-mail

By Brenda Johnson Brandt

The Holyoke Enterprise

Steve Kinser, 20-time World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series champion, highlighted the July 3 events at Phillips County Raceway in Holyoke, Colo.
From signing photos and greeting fans at a meet and greet dinner sponsored by S&W Auto Supply/NAPA, to dropping the green flag on the  first race of the night, to posing with the evening’s winners and signing autographs at the track, racing legend Kinser added much to the pre-July 4 holiday kickoff.
Stopping in Holyoke as part of his Farewell to the King Tour, Kinser moves through his final racing season.
While he didn’t actually race at Phillips County Raceway, the action was packed with late models, sprint cars, hobbies, stock cars, modifieds and sports mods.
A second evening of racing was scheduled July 4. While hot laps were completed, the rainfall that started at the time heat races would have begun caused the races to be canceled for the evening.
Fans won’t have long to wait for another evening at the race track as Phillips County Raceway will be live with racing this Saturday, July 12. Heat races start at 7 p.m.
BST late models and lightning sprints will once again join the four IMCA division cars.
July 3 results
Results from the July 3 racing follows, with winners listed in order of placing.
BST late models—John Hansen, Jeff Meeker, Dave Garmann, Corey Cox, John Kuchar, Dan Shepherd, Melissa Kuchar, David Wheeler, Bobby Durand, Scott Cimfl, Bob Goetschel, Brandon Lewis and Larry Jackson.
Sprint cars—Jake Bubak, Zac Taylor, Nick Haygood, Zach Merritt, Scott Cochran, Bob Schaeffer, John Jacob, Mike Hathaway, Luke Lucero, Joe Schmidt, Mark Wallinder and Blake Smith Jr.
Sport mods—Chad Dolan, Bryan Herrick, Brandon Clough, Ryan Moser, Tom Nelson Jr., Lance Brandt, Dave Banks, Becky Dechant, Jack Malick, Jacob Fehler, Brian Cross, Tom Quint, Trevor Geist and Mike Lininger.
Hobbies—Austin Davis, Litton Stute, Leland Stute, Dave Plusmisto, Jim Moore, Woody Woodhead, Tanner Clough, Colt Gibbs, Greg Dannatt and Michael Brunswig.
BST stock cars—Kyle Clough, Justin Bussell, Kurt Trusty, Angel Munoz, Jeff Whiting, Gregory Gutt, Bob Chalupa, Stu Carlson, Tony Walker, John Luck, Lloyd Meeske and Jason Noyes.
Modifieds—Jesse Taylor, Ryan Gaylord, Jacob Adler, Bill Brack, Jeremy Frenier, Greg Gustus, John Hansen, Mike O’Patik, Greg Sharpe, Mike Densberger, Danny Concelman, Eddie Edwards, Garrett Sporhase, James Krehmeyer, John Burrow, Lance Mari, DJ Banks, Aaron Monie, Tyson Groves, Joe Mullins, Zach Hilzer and Jason Brees.


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