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Singers get another chance to perform in Branson PDF Print E-mail

Members of the 9th St. Singers at Chase County Schools had the chance to perform in Branson, Mo., recently during a trip there May 28 through June 1.      
The group performed twice during the weekend and had a number of other great experiences, said Director Randy Hayes.
This was the seventh time the CCS show choir has performed in Branson.
En route to Missouri, the group enjoyed an evening meal at Lambert’s restaurant, the home of “throwed rolls.”         Later that evening, they attended the Haygoods show, for which the Singers have opened the last two trips to Branson.
On Friday morning, the group attended “Dancing Queen,” a show highlighting some of the songs of Abba and other music of the 70s and 80s.  During the show, senior Kelton Fisher and Hayes were selected as two of four participants in a “macho man” competition on stage.
The 9th St. Singers performed their opening show on Friday night for the Cats Pajamas, a five-member male a cappella group. Prior to their performance, Cats Pajamas’ members watched the 9th St. Singers’ dress rehearsal and then gave a critique.
A moment of “excitement” during the dress rehearsal occurred when one of the unsecured trap doors opened and Shaylee Heathers partially fell through it and scraped her shin. She was able to be bandaged up, and able to perform later, Hayes said.
Also during the Cats Pajamas performance, Margene Hayes was escorted on stage, as the group sang two songs to her, providing some personal interaction comedy during the show.   
“Our 9th St. Singers performed a wonderful show and represented our school and community in a very professional, positive manner.  The group received numerous compliments from others attending the performance,” Hayes said.
The Singers performed their show again Saturday morning at Silver Dollar City, where their venue was the main street of the park, just inside the main gate. Hayes said everyone coming into the park had the opportunity to stop and watch the group.  
“The performance was admirable and drew a huge applause from those watching the show. Again, numerous people from the audience complimented the group for their performance,” Hayes said.
The Singers enjoyed the Saturday night dinner/theatre performance at the Dixie Stampede, a show designed and popularized by country singer Dolly Parton.
A large following of parents, extended family and friends also traveled to Branson.  
At the Singers’ performance with the Cats Pajamas, in addition to its “core group” of 31, an additional 66 “paid support group” and a few others attended.   
“A trip like this to Branson is a great educational experience for our students—they not only get to see a variety of professional performances but also perform as part of the professional settings,” Hayes noted.
It also helps raise performance standards by being a part of that professional environment. Such trips provide memories that can last a lifetime for the students, he added.
“It is such a blessing to have the parental and community support for our Singers that make our competitions and Branson trips possible,” Hayes said.