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Republican River Riparian Partnership conference to be held in Oberlin PDF Print E-mail
    Republican River Riparian Restoration Partnership will be hosting a conference, Wednesday, May 27, 9:30 a.m. (CT), at the Gateway Building in Oberlin, Kan.  
    The Republican River Riparian Partnership (RRRRP) is dedicated to education and demonstrations for future care of the Republican River and its 17 watersheds within the basin. This organization creates local leadership groups to determine what riparian efforts are most beneficial to each specific watershed.   
    Attendees at the conference will hear from each of the three states as to what the current status of the river in is, especially as it relates to invasive plant species.
    Southwest Weed Management Area and Twin Valley Weed Management Area coordinators will give an overview of the work being done in Nebraska for the past two years on the Republican Area.
    The Playa Lakes Joint Venture will discuss with participants the work done by this organization in the tri-state area. The PLJV has been working to conserve playas, other wetlands and associated landscapes for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.
    Brian Starkebaum from Yuma Conservation District will explain the Pathway2Market project which focuses on growing traditional crops while using less water.
    Cody Knutson and Brian Fuchs from the National Drought Mitigation Center will present information on the Republican River Water & Drought Portal, a new website providing information about the availability and management of water resources within the basin. Site developers will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss this website.
    Other information for the day will include sedimentation issues, a report for the Missouri River Coalition and a video presentation about the RRRRP.
    This conference is sponsored in part by the National Drought Mitigation Center. Lunch will be provided for the attendees.
    The RRRRP brings together entities from Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas to serve as a liaison between states in relation to conflicting policies and cross-state line funding.
    Through this effort, RRRP would like to increase economic development throughout the area, increase the quantity and quality of water within the watershed and increase educational opportunities in regard to water quantity and quality.
    Pre-registration for this event is appreciated to help with a lunch count. If you would like to register or see an agenda for this meeting, contact Southwest Nebraska RC&D by calling 308-697-3477 or 888-585-1085, or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    For more information on RRRRP go to our website:

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