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Longhorn athletes in spotlight at annual awards banquet PDF Print E-mail
Seniors Anna Bauerle, Justus Wallin are Ray Magsamen winners

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Athletes in 10 high school sports and cheerleading at Chase County Schools were recognized Sunday night at the annual CCS Athletic Awards Banquet.
About 180 attend the meal and program at St. Patrick Parish Hall.
In addition to the letterwinners and other area recognition listed after each athlete’s name below, a number of special awards were announced by coaches and Activities Director Troy Hauxwell.
Topping the list is the Ray Magsamen Award to the outstanding male and female senior athletes.
This year’s award winners were Anna Bauerle and Justus Wallin.
Selection is based on grade point average through the junior year, sports participation and years lettered in each sport. In their selection, the head coaches of all 10 sports take into account the athletes’ character, service and leadership to the school and to their sports.
Bauerle and Wallin received a medal as well as a $250 scholarship from the Longhorn Booster Club.
Another top award announced Sunday, given by each head coach, is the Unsung Hero Award. While they may not get the “headlines” as some other fellow athletes, they are recognized with a medal for their hard work and contributions to the team.
Unsung Heroes were Korey Krutsinger, cross country; Jessica Hartman, softball; Makala Bartels, volleyball; Trey Milner, football; Hunter Dillan, wrestling; Makenna Wallin, girls’ basketball; Kevin Chavira, boys’ basketball; Allan Smith, golf; Ally Vrbas, girls’ track; and Sam Cahow, boys’ track.
The Bill Goddard Memorial Award for football went to Justus Wallin. It recognizes not only the athlete’s skill on the field but their work ethics, as well.
The Kelli Silvester Memorial Track Awards, for compiling the most points this season, went to Kristen Jussel and Wallin.  It was the fourth consecutive year Jussel has won that medal.
Don Maucher, one of Imperial biggest track fans, provides $300 scholarships to track and cross country athletes each year.
This year’s selections included Mallory Coleman and Garret Thompson for cross country, and Jodi Koellner, Kristen Jussel and David Almanza for track.
A new award given this year was the Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Award, given to seniors Dan Sullivan and Kristen Jussel. It recognizes a student’s excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic field. Junior or senior who have shown outstanding achievement in a varsity sport while maintaining at least a “B” average are eligible.
Each received a large medal and certificate.
Also noted during the program was Al Zuege’s retirement from teaching and coaching after 27 years at CCS and 40 years overall in education.
He will receive a plaque from the SPVA conference and was presented a gift certificate Sunday from the school.
Michelle Spady of Pinnacle Bank also announced their donation of $500 to the Longhorn Booster Club from its annual three-point shooting promotion.
Here are the individual honors earned by each athlete the past year.
Cross Country
Seniors—Mallory Coleman-L; Emma Engbrecht-L; Andrea Hogsett; Korey Krutsinger-L; Garrett Thompson-L, SQ; Andrew Vaverek-L, SQ.
Juniors—Holden Dreiling-L, SQ; Ryan Moline-L, LJS-AAS; Stephen Welsh-L, SQ, LJS-AAS.
Sophomores—Alyssa Moreno; Caleb Bubak; Mason Meeske; Indy Smith-L, AAS, SQ.
Freshmen—Vianey Marquez; Rose Sullivan-L; Alex Valenzuela-L; Ike Maxwell-L, SQ; Tagan Mays.
Seniors—Anna Bauerle-L, TC, AAS, LJS-AAS; Cassie Burpo-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Blair Hartman-L; Jodi Koellner-L,; Abbi Vetter-L; Ally Vrbas-L, TC.
Juniors—Emma Bauerle-L, LJS-AAS; Jessica Hartman-L; Claire Kuenne-L; Emma Mollendor-L; Faith Reinke-L.
Sophomores—Shelby Bigham-L; Becca Huicochea-L; Jasmine Laird-L.
Freshmen—Sarah Allen-L; Brittanie Benge-L; Josie Perterson-L; Destiny Reinke-L; Brittany Simeon-L; Katelyn Wheeler-L.
Seniors—David Almanza-L, LJS-AAS; Sam Cahow-L; Shay Eidson-L; Kevin German-L, AD-HM; Sam Haarberg-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Charles Holman-L; Khris Kuhlmann-L, AD-HM; Trey Milner-L, TC, AD-HM; Tyler Oxford-L; Luis Rodriguez-L; Dan Sullivan-L, LJS-AAS; Justus Wallin-L, TC, AD, OWH-HM, LJS-HM.
Juniors—Brian Burpo; Kevin Chavira; Jacob Christensen-L; Jeffrey Dickey-L, AD, LJS-HM; Kelton Fisher-L, AD, LJS-AAS; Tyler Jennings-L, MGR; Jake Lueth-L; Travis Luhrs-L; Allan Smith-L; Isaac Sorensen-L, AD, LJS-HM.
Sophomores—Eric Chavira; Hunter Dillan; Elias Engbrecht-L; Destyn Milner-L; Taylor Wilson.
Freshmen—Adam Burpo; Trey Bahler; Hunter Bartels; Cade Francis-L-MGR; Bryson Fisher; Jacob Kelley; Zac Space -L; Nolan Spady; Garret Taylor; Dakota Wallin; Cody Williams.
Selected for West Nebraska All-Star Football Game in Scottsbluff June 14—Khris Kuhlmann and Justus Wallin.
Seniors—Makala Bartels-L; Kaycee Bubak-L, OWH-HM, LJS-AAS; Shelby Jaeger-L, OWH-HM, NEPV-HM, NPT-HM, LJS-AAS; Kristen Jussel-L, TC, SPVA 2nd, LJS-HM, OWH-HM, LJS-AAS; Bridget Langin-L, TC, LJS-AAS.
Juniors—Valeria Cervantes-L; Mindy Castle-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; M. Ketter-L, SPVA 1st,LJS-HM, OWH-HM, NEPVHM,NPTHM,LJSAAS; Paige Spady-L, TC, SPVA-HM, OWH-HM, AAS, NPT-HM, LJS-AAS; Makenna Wallin-L, LJS-AAS.
Sophomores—Shaylee Dorn; Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L; Kymberli Rowley.
Freshmen—Abigail Almanza; Jadin Bussell; Dawn Castle; Jasmine Dannar; Megan Engbrecht; Shaylee Heathers-L; Molly Luhrs; Kaylee Meeske; Taylin McNair-L; Kadyn Milner; Mikaela OʼBrien; Bridgette Odens.
Selected for Sertoma All-Star Volleyball Game June 7 in McCook—Kristen Jussel and Shelby Jaeger.
Seniors—Khris Kuhlmann-L; Austin White-L; Cassie Burpo-L, Mat Maid; Abbi Vetter-L, Mat Maid.
Sophomores—Hunter Dillan-L.
Freshmen—Adam Burpo-L; Colton Burpo; Bryson Fisher-L; Angel Hinojosa; Zac Space; Eli Hinojosa-MGR.
Boys’ Basketball
Seniors—Kevin German-L; Calen Griffin-L; Trey Milner-L, TC; Dan Sullivan-L, LJS-AAS, TC; Justus Wallin-L, SPVA-2nd, TC.
Juniors—Kevin Chavira; Jeffrey Dickey-L, SPVA-1st; Holden Dreiling; Kelton Fisher-L, LJS-AAS, SPVA-2nd; Tyler Jennings-MGR; Darin Knobbe; Travis Luhrs-L, SPVA-HM; Ryan Moline-L; Isaac Sorensen-L.
Sophomores—Destyn Milner; Michael Musgrove; Jared Sharp.
Freshmen—Trey Bahler; Roper Cochran; Trace Helser; Ike Maxwell; Tagan Mays; Nolan Spady; Dakota Wallin; Cody Williams.
Selected for Cambridge CSO All-Star Game May 30—Justus Wallin.
Selected for Mid-Plains Area All-Star Game June 6 in North Platte—Justus Wallin.
Girls’ Basketball
Seniors—Makala Bartels-L; Anna Bauerle-L, TC; Kaycee Bubak-L, TC; Emma Engbrecht-L; Blair Hartman-L, MGR; Jodi Koellner-L; Bridget Langin-L, LJS-AAS.
Juniors—Emma Bauerle; Valeria Cervantes-L; Jessica Hartman; MaKenna Ketter-L; Paige Spady-L, SPVA-HM, LJS-AAS; Makenna Wallin-L.
Sophomores—Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L.
Freshmen—Sarah Allen; Brittanie Benge; Shaylee Heathers; Molly Luhrs; Taylin McNair-L; Kaylee Meeske; Kadyn Milner; Josie Peterson; Destiny Reinke-L.
Selected for Cambridge CSO All-Star Game May 30—Kaycee Bubak.
Boys’ Track
Seniors—David Almanza-L, LJS-AAS; Sam Cahow; Shay Eidson-L; Kevin German-L; Korey Krutsinger-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Khris Kuhlmann-L; Trey Milner-L; Luis Rodriguez-L; Dan Sullivan-L; Garret Thompson-L; Justus Wallin-L.
Juniors—Sergio Almanza-L; Jeffrey Dickey-L; Holden Dreiling-L; Kelton Fisher-L, LJS-AAS; Travis Luhrs-L; Isaac Sorensen-L; Stephen Welsh-L, AAS.
Sophomores—Caleb Bubak-L; Hunter Dillan; Eli Engbrecht; Mason Meeske-L; Destyn Milner-L; Indy Smith-L.
Freshmen—Angel Hinojosa-L; Ike Maxwell-L; Tagan Mays-L; Hunter Bartels; Zac Space-L; Roper Cochran-L; Nolan Spady-L; Bryson Fisher; Dakota Wallin-L; Trace Helser; Cody Williams-L.
Girls’ Track
Seniors—Anna Bauerle-L; Andrea Hogsett-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Kristen Jussel-L, LJS-AAS; Jodi Koellner-L; Ally Vrbas-L.
Juniors—Mindy Castle-L; Valeria Cervantes-L; MaKenna Ketter-L, LJS-AAS; Paige Spady-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Makenna Wallin-L, LJS-AAS.
Sophomores—Cheyanne Kuhlmann-L; Alyssa Moreno-L.
Freshmen—Sarah Allen-L; Brittanie Benge-L; Jaden Bussell-L; Megan Engbrecht-L; Shaylee Heathers-L; Molly Luhrs-L; Taylin McNair-L; Kaylee Meeske-L; Kadyn Milner-L; Mikaela OʼBrien-L; Bridgette Odens-L; Josie Peterson-L; Brittany Simeon-L; Destiny Reinke-L; Rose Sullivan-L; Katelyn Wheeler-L.
Honorary team captains—Andrea Hogsett and Kristen Jussel.
Seniors—Cody Cochran; Sam Haarberg-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Curtis Laird-L.
Juniors—Tyler Jennings-L; Freddie Kasselman-L; Darin Knobbe-L; Ryan Moline-L, AAS, LJS-AAS; Allan Smith.
Seniors—Mallory Coleman-L; Blair Hartman-L; Bridget Langin-L; Abby Lopez-L; Ally Vrbas-L.
Juniors—Janessa Haarberg-L; Jessica Hartman-L; Claire Kuenne-L.
Sophomores—Charlie Ann Carter-L..
Freshmen—Bridgette Odens-L; Molly Luhrs-L.
2014-15 squad—Charlie Ann Carter, Mitsy Cardoso, Jadin Bussell, Molly Luhrs, Dawn Castle, Brittanie Benge, Bridgette Odens, Megan Engbrecht, Hayley Vitosh, Abigail Almanza.

Legend: L—Letter, SQ—State Qualifer, TC—Team Captain, MGR—Manager, AD—All-District, AD-HM—All-District Honorable Mention; OWH-HM—Omaha World Herald Class C1 Honorable Mention, LJS-HM—Lincoln Journal Star Class C1 Honorable Mention, AAS—NSAA Academic All-State, LJS-AAS—Lincoln Journal Star Academic All-State, SPVA-1st—SPVA All-Conference 1st Team, SPVA-2nd—SPVA All-Conference 2nd Team, SPVA-HM—Honorable Mention, NEPV-HM—NE PREP VB Honorable Mention, NPT-HM—North Platte Telegraph Honorable Mention.


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