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Nebraska the place to be for turkey hunting PDF Print E-mail
    In Nebraska, opportunity doesn’t knock—it gobbles. 
    According to a recent survey, turkey populations have increased in all areas of state, ranging from a 500% rise in the southwest and central portions of the state to a 400% increase in the Sandhills and 200%, 300% and 100% increases in the northeast, southeast and Panhandle, respectively.
    These numbers, combined with a longer season that runs through the end of May this year, spell just one thing for turkey hunters:  opportunity. 
    A record 19,896 turkeys were harvested in the 2008 spring season. This year looks to better that mark.  In addition, last year’s spring survey cards indicated a high level of satisfaction with numbers of birds seen and little issue reported with increased numbers of hunters on both public and private grounds. 
     Three subspecies can be found in Nebraska; Merriam’s in the western Pine Ridge, Rio Grande in the southern sections and the Eastern in the east and central regions of the state.
    Hunters are allowed three permits, with a bag limit of one male or bearded female turkey per permit.   
     Nebraska’s archery and shotgun turkey seasons run through May 31, so there is plenty of time left to squeeze in a turkey hunt­—or two.