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Enders Lake gets ready for summer PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee

The Imperial Republican

About 20 employees of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and volunteers from the Izaak Walton League (IKEs) picked up trash at Enders Reservoir Saturday.
The IKEs-sponsored event centered upon campsites and roadways between the dam and Area B south of the town of Enders.
The Game and Parks Commission supplied the trash bags used in the effort.
Lake Superintendent Beau Licking said Saturday that he was disappointed in the volunteer turnout. However, those who participated picked up “a lot of trash” on both sides of the lake.
He said there will be another trash pickup in 2015 at the same time of year.
When campers and day trippers converge on Enders Reservoir for the Memorial Day weekend May 24-26, they will notice the addition of more electrical pedestals for campers.
Licking said the Game and Parks is in the process of installing 25 new electrical pedestals that will each have 50, 30 and 20 amp plug-in service for campers.
Nineteen of those are already in place near the shower house by the main boat ramps.    
When all pedestals are installed, there will be a total of 42 available for campers, ten more than when Licking became superintendent in 2011.
“That’s a vast improvement,” he commented.
Licking said he’s in the process of trying to get another well drilled for drinking water, as he hears that request frequently from campers.
If possible, he’d like to see it located north of the main boat ramp.
Regarding visitors on Memorial weekend, Licking said the lower water level will affect the numbers.
“We may get a decent crowd because a lot of people will come to see what it’s like.” But, over the summer Licking said camping numbers will be down.
Four thousand acre feet of water in the reservoir is being released for compliance with the Kansas-Nebraska River Compact, which requires a certain amount of water transported to Kansas via the Frenchman and Republican Rivers.
The release of 4,000 acre feet will mean that the lake level will drop six feet by the end of the release.
Besides supervising Enders Reservoir, Licking also helps oversee the Rock Creek State Recreation Area in Dundy County.