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Junior high boys win both track divisions at Perkins County meet PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Scoring in every event in both grade divisions, the seventh and eighth grade teams from Chase County Schools both won their respective meet at the Perkins County Invite last Thursday.
Coach Mark Bottom said it was a team effort to capture both wins and noted his fellow coaches had athletes in the right events.
The top eight in each event earned a ribbon and scored.
Individual firsts in the eighth grade division were tallied by Caleb Weiss in long jump, 100 and 200; Kass Cochran, triple jump; Jack Bauerle, shot and discus; and Juan Venegas, 1600. Both relay teams also took first.
Scoring in the eighth grade division was Chase County 206.5, Sedgwick County 82, Perkins County 75, Garden County 62, Haxtun 57, Wray 43 and Creek Valley 32.5.
Here are the place-winners in the CCS eighth grade division.
High jump—2, Juan Venegas 5-02; 3, Jorge Cervantes 5-00.
Pole vault—2, Noah Griffin 6-06; 3, Will Kuenne 6-00.
Long jump—1, Caleb Weiss 15-11.50; 2, Kass Cochran 15-10.50; 8, Bryce Zuege 13-04.
Triple jump—1, Kass Cochran 36-02.50.
Shot put—1, Jack Bauerle 41-07.50; 2, Eli Hinojosa 40-00; 5, Blake Schilke 33-08.00.
Discus throw—1, Jack Bauerle 121-01; 2, Eli Hinojosa 111-11.
100 meter dash—1, Caleb Weiss 12.2.
200 meter dash—1, Caleb Weiss 25.6; 4, Bryce Zuege 28.0.
400 meter dash—4, Kass Cochran 1:01.9; 6, Blake Schilke 1:02.8.
800 meter run—2, Juan Venegas 2:26.9; 3, Will Kuenne 2:35.7.
1600 meter run—1, Juan Venegas 5:26.7; 3, Will Kuenne 5:41.5; 4, Noah Griffin 6:26.8.
100 meter hurdles—2, Francisco Barrientos-Rodriguez 21.7; 4, Marco Perez 22.2.
195 meter hurdles—3, Francisco Barrientos-Rodriguez 34.2; 6, Marco Perez 35.9
4x100 meter relay—1, CCS (Jack Bauerle, Caleb Weiss, Noah Griffin, Bryce Zuege) 51.9.
4x400 meter relay—1, CCS (Kass Cochran, Caine Haarberg, Blake Schilke, Juan Venegas) 4:17.0.
The scoring was a little closer between the first and second place teams in the seventh grade division, but the Shorthorns finished ahead of  Perkins County by 14.5 points.
Capturing individual firsts among the Chase County seventh graders were Scott Wheeler, long jump; Parker Dillan, triple jump and 400; and Austin Laird, 100 meter hurdles. The 1600 meter relay team also took gold.
Seventh grade team scoring was Chase County 132.5, Perkins County 118, Garden County 93, Creek Valley 85, Haxtun 61, Sedgwick County 60.5 and Wray 27.
Here are the place-winners in the CCS seventh grade division.
High jump—4, Evan Fisher 4-06; 7, Braden Space 4-02.00.
Pole vault—6, Garrett Wilson 4-06.
Long jump—1, Scott Wheeler 14-04.75; 4, Austin Laird 13-04.50.
Triple jump—1, Parker Dillan 30-07; 2, Braden Space 29-01.75.
Shot put—7, Kalen Wallin 23-07.50; 8, Jonathan Chavira 22-11.00.
Discus throw—6, Kalen Wallin 67-02.
100 meter dash—2, Kadin Vrbas 13.2.
200 meter dash—2, Kadin Vrbas 28.0; 4, Parker Dillan 29.0.
400 meter dash—1, Parker Dillan 1:04.0; 2, Braden Space 1:04.3; 3, Scott Wheeler 1:04.4.
800 meter run—5, Landis Beverly 2:56.8; 7, Trevin Martin 2:58.0.
1600 meter run—8, Landis Beverly 6:23.9.
100 meter hurdles—1, Austin Laird 20.0.
195 meter hurdles—4, Austin Laird 33.8; 7, Landis Beverly 37.2.
4x100 meter relay—4, CCS (Trevin Martin, Kadin Vrbas, Kalen Wallin, Garrett Wilson) 1:01.7.
4x400 meter relay—1, CCS (Parker Dillan, Scott Wheeler, Braden Space, Landis Beverly) 4:29.7.
The teams traveled to Sutherland on Wednesday this week, then will host the Chase County Invitational next Thursday May 1, starting at 9 a.m.


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