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Lady Longhorns third at tough Ogallala meet PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Finishing third in a competitive meet like last Saturday’s Ogallala Invitational is a big accomplishment for the Lady Longhorn track team.
That’s the opinion of their head coach, Al Zuege, as he reviewed what he considers the toughest meet they’ll be at this season, next to the Best of the Midwest.
Chase County tallied four first place finishes, two by Kristen Jussel in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles, Taylin McNair in the 400 and the 1600 meter relay team of McNair, Jussel, Paige Spady and Destiny Reinke.
Their times in those first place events have them among the top 10 in Class C, Coach Zuege said.
Even with a second place finish Saturday, Chase County’s 3200 meter relay team’s time has them in that top 10 group, as well, according to the coach. Those team members include McNair, Reinke, Spady and Kadyn Milner.     
Zuege pointed out a few other Lady Longhorns who turned in great performances on Saturday.
One was junior MaKenna Ketter, who finished second in the high jump with a personal best effort of 4’11”. She was two inches below the first place finisher from Sidney in a field of 17 athletes.
Freshman Reinke also claimed third in the 800 with a time of 2:32.90 among of field of 23 runners.
Zuege also highlighted the efforts of Chase County’s three pole vaulters—Reinke, Andrea Hogsett and Josie Peterson—all who medaled with fourth, fifth and sixth place finishes. Seventeen vaulters competed.
“I was really proud of our girls. We had some really good marks” Saturday, he said.
It was a near perfect day, as well, with temperatures near 70 and little wind.
The girls continue to compete without any major injuries, Zuege noted.    
Team scoring at Ogallala in the girls’ division was Mitchell 106, Gothenburg 94, Chase County 77, Sidney 62, Ogallala 57, Ainsworth 44, Chadron 27, Perkins County 23, Cozad 22 and Valentine 14.
Here are Chase County’s medalists Saturday and the top six finishers in all events.
100 Meters—1st, Sarah VonSeggern, Sidney, 12.80; 2nd, McKenna Zulkoski, Mitchell, 13.10; 3rd, Lydia Allen, Ainsworth, 13.30; 4th, Maaryn Davis, Chadron Public schools, 13.30; 5th, Abby Heller, Sidney, 13.30; 6th, Haley Cline, Gothenburg, 13.30.
200 Meters—1st, Aspen Reifschneider, Mitchell, 27.20; 2nd, Genessa Schilz, Sidney, 28.30; 3rd, Marryn Davis, Chadron Public Schools, 28.60; 4th, Abi Fraas, Sidney, 28.70; 5th, Kate Bronson, Sidney, 28.80; 6th, MaKenna Ketter, CCS, 29.00.
400 Meters1st, Taylin McNair, CCS, 1:01.20; 2nd, Regan Geiken, Gothenburg, 1:02.00; 3rd, McKenna Zulkoski, Mitchell, 1:02.70; 4th, Jayme Commins, Ogallala, 1:02.90; 5th, Stephanie Schrotberger, Perkins County, 1:03.10; 6th, Andie Geiken, Gothenburg, 1:03.70.
800 Meters—1st, Taylor Peters, Mitchell, 2:25.30; 2nd, Stephanie Schrotberger, Perkins County, 2:29.70; 3rd, Destiny Reinke, CCS, 2:32.90; 4th, Preslie Allen, Sidney, 2:33.20; 5th, Devin Beaver, Mitchell, 2:34.50; 6th, Kadyn Milner, CCS, 2:37.60.
1600 Meters—1st, Celeste Cardona, Mitchell, 5:34.90; 2nd, Taylor Peters, Mitchell, 5:41.70; 3rd, Kiya Passero, Chadron Public Schools, 5:50.90; 4th, Madison Watson, Mitchell, 5:57.40; 5th, Valeria Estrada, Cozad, 6:06.10; 6th, Kelsey Crymble, Ogallala, 6:12.20.
3200 Meters—1st, Celeste Cardona, Mitchell, 12:24.20; 2nd, Kiya Passero, Chadron Public Schools, 12:37.80; 3rd, Samantha Carlson, Cozad, 13:03.40; 4th, Erin Lindeman, Sidney, 13:19.60; 5th, Kelsey Crymble, Ogallala, 13:34.00; 6th, Emily Kemling, Perkins County, 13:34.70.
100 Meter High Hurdles1st, Kristen Jussel, CCS, 15.40; 2nd, Reilly Goings, Cozad, 16.50; 3rd, Jensen Geisert, Ogallala, 16.60; 4th, Logan Clark, Ainsworth, 17.10; 5th, Amanda Osler, Perkins County, 17.30; 6th, Jessie Rudolph, Gothenburg, 17.40.
300 Meter HurdlesKristen Jussel, CCS, 48.30; 2nd, Jensen Geisert, Ogallala, 50.60; 3rd, Brittney O’Kief, Valentine, 51.40; 4th, Laura Peters, Ainsworth, 52.70; 5th, Amanda Osler, Perkins County, 53.80; 6th, Hailey Montgomery, Ogallala, 54.30.
4x100 Relay—1st, Gothenburg (Haley Cline, Aryn Meisinger, Kasey Wellman, McKenna Peterson), 53.40; 2nd, Ogallala, 54.00; 3rd, CCS (Jadin Bussell, MaKenna Ketter, Andrea Hogsett, Kristen Jussel), 54.70; 4th, Sidney, 54.70; 5th, Cozad, 55.60; 6th, Valentine, 56.00.
4x400 Relay1st, CCS (Taylin McNair, Destiny Reinke, Paige Spady, Kristen Jussel), 4:13.70; 2nd, Gothenburg, 4:14.60; 3rd, Mitchell, 4:17.20; 4th, Ogallala, 4:29.50; 5th, Sidney, 4:34.60; 6th, Ainsworth, 4:36.40.
4x800 Relay—1st, Mitchell (Devin Beaver, Taylor Peters, Celeste Cardona, Madison Watson), 10:04.40; 2nd, CCS (Taylin McNair, Kadyn Milner, Paige Spady, Destiny Reinke), 10:09.90; 3rd, Sidney, 10:26.90; 4th, Gothenburg, 10:37.50; 5th, Cozad, 12:34.90.
Shot Put—1st, Shandan Platt, Ainsworth, 40-05.00; 2nd, Emily Franzen, Gothenburg, 38-08.00; 3rd, Mady Vogel, Gothenburg, 37-02.00; 4th, Kady Lower, Mitchell, 35-07.00; 5th, Danea Ray, Chadron Public Schools, 34-10.00; 6th, Alec Geiger, Cozad, 34-05.00.
Discus—1st, Shandan Platt, Ainsworth, 124-00; 2nd, Kady Lower, Mitchell, 115-03; 3rd, Emily Franzen, Gothenburg, 112-09; 4th, Alex Lurz, Ogallala, 111-10; 5th, Ashley Eskew, Gothenburg, 99-05; 6th, Katie Cipperley, Ogallla, 99-00.
High Jump—1st, Savanna Rosenbaum, Sidney, 5-01.00; 2nd, Ma Kenna Ketter, CCS, 4-11.00; 3rd (tie), Logan Clark, Ainsworth, 4-09.00; 3rd (tie), Inka Hasmann, Valentine, 4-09.00; 5th, Kendall Schroer, Ogallala,4-09.00; 6th, Blaire Gibbens, Gothenburg, 4-09.00.
Pole Vault—1st, Aryn Meisinger, Gothenburg, 8-06.00; 2nd, Kendra Hoffert, Perkins County, 8-00.00; 3rd, Paola Flores, Sidney, 8-00.00; 4th, Destiney Reinke, CCS, 8-00.00; 5th, Andrea Hogsett, CCS,7-06.00; 6th, Josie Peterson, CCS, 7-00.00.
Long Jump—1st, Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 17-05.75; 2nd, Sidney Mell, Ogallala, 15-04.00; 3rd, Kasey Wellmann, Gothenburg, 15-02.50; 4th, Aspen Reifschneider, Mitchell, 15-00.50; 5th, Brittney O’Kief, Valentine, 14-11.00; 6th, Maaryn Davis, Chadron Public Schools, 14-05.50.
Triple Jump—1st, Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 37-09.00; 2nd, Sidney Mell, Ogallala, 32-11.25; 3rd, Aspen ReifSchneider, Mitchell, 32-06.75, 4th, Lydia Allen, Ainsworth, 32-01.00; 5th, McKinley Harm, Gothenburg, 30-10.25. 6th, Kenzi Klein, Cozad, 30-06.50.
Meet in Grant this week
Twelve schools will be at the E. Lee Todd Memorial Track Meet in Grant this Saturday, which kicks off at 9 a.m. with the morning field events.
The track events start with the 3200 meter relay at 10:30 a.m.
Five of the seven SPVA Conference schools will be at the meet, excluding Maxwell and Kimball.
There will be several Lady Longhorns gone from competition Saturday due to ACT testing and other school events.


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