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Lady Longhorns more than double second place points at track opener PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Scoring in every event but one, and winning 11 of the 18 events lifted the Lady Longhorn track team to a dominant first place finish at their season opener Saturday.
Chase County finished 124 points ahead of second place Southwest in the team tallies at the Cambridge Invitational.
“Our girls performed pretty well across the board,” said Girls’ Coach Al Zuege.
“We had a good day.”
It was a bearable weather day at Cambridge, something that traditionally hasn’t been the case. Last year, the meet was postponed but never made up due to schedules.
However, the wind did come up in the afternoon, affecting times in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash and 100 meter hurdle events. Because of the electronic timing system in place, meet officials did not change those events’ running direction.
If they had, Zuege said some of the times would have been even better for his athletes.
Despite the wind, the girls’ 1600 meter relay team set a new meet record at Cambridge with a time of 4:18.56.
The team of Taylin McNair, Destiny Reinke, Paige Spady and Kristen Jussel broke the 17-year-old record of 4:19.6 set by Alma in 1997.
Zuege said he felt they’d have a good shot at it with nice weather, so felt it was even a bigger accomplishment to do it with the wind late in the meet.
The team also claimed firsts in the three other relays as well as seven individual events.
Other Lady Longhorns claiming individual firsts Saturday were Kadyn Milner, 800; Spady, 1600; Josie Peterson, 3200; Valeria Cervantes, shot put; Jodi Koellner, discus; and Jussel in both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles.
In addition, Chase County’s 400 meter relay team of Makenna Wallin, MaKenna Ketter, Andrea Hogsett and Jussel took the gold, as did the 3200 meter relay team of Milner, Reinke, Katelyn Wheeler and McNair.
The throwers relay is not scored in the team points, but Chase County’s team of Ally Vrbas, Koellner, Cervantes and Anna Bauerle took first, as well.
The only event in which Chase County didn’t place was the 400, but Zuege chose not to enter any Lady Longhorns in that event so they’d be better rested for the relays.
Only about six of the girls were entered in the maximum of four events; most were in two to three, he said. The team came home with no injuries after Saturday’s meet.
Despite the dominant win, Zuege knows they have to get better for the competition ahead.
Ogallala this Saturday
Ogallala this Saturday will be one of those tests. Besides the Best of the Midwest, it will be the toughest meet of the season, Zuege said.
A number of Class B schools are coming to the 11-team meet and those traditionally good track teams from Cozad, Gothenburg and Sidney will be there, Zuege noted.
Other teams, besides the hosts, expected for Saturday include Ainsworth, Chadron, Mitchell, Perkins County, Valentine and Sterling, Colo.
Morning field events start at 10 a.m., while the running events are set for an 11:30 a.m. gun.
Team scoring Saturday was Chase County 220, Southwest 96, Alma 83, Cambridge 51.5, Wauneta/Palisade 50, Chase County JV 8.5, Elm Creek 6 and Wauneta/Palisade JV 1.
Here are the top six medalists from each event.
100 Meter Dash—1st, Abbie Fanning, Wa/Pa, 14.13; 2nd, Andrea Hogsett, CCS, 14.72; 3rd, Sarah Allen, CCS JV, 14.74; 4th, Jadin Bussell, CCS, 14.79; 5th, Makenna Wallin, CCS, 14.91; 6th, Taylor Solberg, SW, 15.03.
200 Meter Dash—1st, Abbie Fanning, Wa/Pa, 27.69; 2nd, MaKenna Ketter, CCS, 29.01; 3rd, Kaylee Potthoff, SW, 29.40; 4th, Andrea Hogsett, CCS, 29.76; 5th, Jadin Bussell, CCS, 30.12; 6th, Kassidy Urling, Cambridge, 30.46.
400 Meter Dash—1st, Kenzie May, SW, 1:02.24; 2nd, Abbie Fanning, Wa/Pa, 1:03.10; 3rd, Martena Albin, Alma, 1:05.17; 4th, Kassidy Urling, Cambridge, 1:10.42, 5th, Taryn Huxoll, Cambridge, 1:16.34; 6th, Ellie Lee, Wa/Pa, 1:16.61.
800 Meter Run—1st, Kadyn Milner, CCS, 2:34.10; 2nd, Kenzie May, SW, 2:40; 3rd, MaKayla Brooks, SW, 2:46.37; 4th, Katelyn Wheeler, CCS, 2:54.56; 5th, Alea Shaner, Cambridge, 2:56.47; 6th, Kaitlyn Harrison, Alma, 2:58.10.
1600 Meter Run—1st, Paige Spady, CCS, 5:58.88; 2nd, Kaitlyn Harrison, Alma, 6:21.26; 3rd, Alyssa Moreno, CCS, 6:24.27; 4th, Rachelle Carpenter, Cambridge, 6:25.12; 5th, Abby Daffer, SW, 6:32.91; 6th, Mackayla Wright, SW, 7:08.32.
3200 Meter Run—1st, Josie Peterson, CCS, 14:05.03; 2nd, Abby Daffer, SW, 14:35.95; 3rd, Alyssa Moreno, CCS, 15:15.50; 4th, Rose Sullivan, CCS, 15:47.79; 5th, Miakayla Webster, Alma, 16:45.94; 6th, Megan Helberg, SW, 17:36.51.
100 Meter Hurdles—1st, Kristen Jussel, CCS, 18.28; 2nd, Jennie Shaffer, Alma, 19.15; 3rd, Megan Engbrecht, CCS, 20.32; 4th, Sloan Johnson, Cambridge, 20.55; 5th, Cheyanne Kuhlman, CCS, 20.77; 6th, Brittany Simeon, CCS JV, 21.51.
300 Meter Hurdles—1st, Kristen Jussel, CCS, 49.30; 2nd, Jennie Shaffer, Alma, 55.26; 3rd, Haley Hays, Alma, 56.14; 4th, Megan Engbrecht, CCS, 56.33; 5th, Marlana Kent, Cambridge, 56.77; 6th, Sloan Johnson, Cambridge, 56.93.
4x100 Meter Relay—1st, CCS (Makenna Wallin, MaKanna Ketter, Andrea Hogsett, Kristen Jussel), 54.90; 2nd, Southwest, 55.41; 3rd, Alma, 56.81.
4x400 Meter Relay—1st, CCS (Taylin McNair, Destiny Reinke, Paige Spady, Kristen Jussel), 4:18.56—new meet record; 2nd, Southwest, 4:35.75; 3rd, Cambridge, 4:49.57; 4th, Alma, 4:57.15.
4x800 Meter Relay—1st, CCS (Kadyn Milner, Destiny Reinke, Katelyn Wheeler, Taylin McNair), 10:47.26; 2nd, Cambridge, 11:46.57; 3rd, Elm Creek, 12:41.58; 4th, Southwest, 13:02.13; 5th, Alma, 13:43.29.
High Jump—1st, Kenzie May, SW, 5-04.00; 2nd, Katelyn Wheeler, CCS, 4-08.00; 3rd, Taylin McNair, CCS, 4-06.00; 4th, MaKenna Ketter, CCS, 4-06.00; 5th, (tie) Kadee Long, Cambridge, 4-02.00; 5th, (tie) Molly Luhrs, CCS JV, 4-02.00.
Pole Vault—1st, Hannah Hays, Alma, 7-06.00; 2nd, Destiny Reinke, CCS, 7-00.00; 3rd, Andrea Hogsett, CCS, 7-00.00; 4th, Josie Peterson, CCS, 7-00.00; 5th, Haley Hays, Alma, 6-06.00; 6th, Haley Teter, SW, 6-00.00.
Long Jump—1st, Martena Albin, Alma, 14-11.25; 2nd, Kaylee Potthoff, SW, 14-09.00; 3rd, Megan Kelly, SW, 14-08.75; 4th, Abbie Fanning, Wa/Pa, 14-08.75; 5th, Cheyanne Kuhlman, CCS, 14-07.50; 6th, MiKayla Kent, Cambridge, 14-03.50.
Triple Jump—1st, Alea Shaner, Cambridge, 33-06.00; 2nd, Megan Kelley, SW, 32-07.00; 3rd, Haley Hays, Alma, 31-07.50; 4th, MaKenna Ketter, CCS, 31-06.50; 5th, MiKayla Kent, Cambridge, 31-03.25; 6th, Cheyanne Kuhlman, CCS, 30-06.75.
Shot Put—1st, Valeria Cervantes, CCS, 35-00.00; 2nd, Jodi Koellner, CCS, 34-06.50; 3rd, Tailor Lee, Wa/Pa, 31-05.50; 4th, Aimee Christensen, Alma, 30-09.50; 5th, Rhiley Fiene, Cambridge, 30-01.50; 6th, Ally Vrbas, CCS, 29-08.50.
Discus Throw—1st, Jodi Koellner, CCS, 104-06; 2nd, Hannah Nordhausen, Wa/Pa, 97-03; 3rd, Valeria Cervantes, CCS, 91-03; 4th, Tailor Lee, Wa/Pa, 89-04; 5th, Anna Bauerle, CCS, 86-11; 6th, Rhiley Fiene, Cambridge, 83-03.