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Chase County musicians capture 14 ‘Best of Class’ awards at SPVA contest PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Out of the 40 vocal and instrumental entries from Chase County musicians at last week’s SPVA music contest, more than a third of them earned the “Best of Class” designation.
That designation comes from the judges, who select that solo or group performance as the best among all entries that earned a “I” or superior rating in that class.
Ten of the “Best of Class” came from CCS vocal music entries, while four more were instrumentalists.
Singling out a couple of performances, Chase County’s 9th St. Singers show choir earned the “Best of Class” designation for the 19th consecutive year.
In addition, senior Anna Bauerle won “Best of Class” for her trumpet solo. She’s earned that designation all four years of high school.
In all divisions, about 62 students from CCS competed in the SPVA contest.
Chase County also played host to the contest this year, held on March 25. No classes were held last Tuesday, but school staff was on hand to assist the CCS music directors with the contest.
CCS Band Director Agnes Strand noted the contest couldn’t be held in Imperial without the help of her fellow teachers who helped out as judges’ assistants, door guards and tabulation. The custodians were also a big help, along with A.D. Troy Hauxwell, she said.
Tim Strand coordinated a Google Docs program for tabulating results during the day.
Seven judges rated the students performances. Here are the results for Chase County.
Vocal division
Best of Class

9th St. Singers show choir.
Emma Bauerle, girls’ medium solo.
Anna Bauerle, girls’ low solo.
Dan Sullivan, boys’ low solo.
Girls’ small ensemble—Paige Spady, Emma Bauerle, Makenna Wallin.
Girls’ medium ensemble—Liz Tomky, Anna Bauerle, Tapainga Kahle, Ally Vrbas.
Mixed duet—Colton Burpo, Cassie Burpo.
Mixed medium—Tapainga Kahle, Anna Bauerle, Kelton Fisher, Ike Maxwell.
Girls’ large ensemble—Anna Bauerle, Tapainga Kahle, Liz Tomky, Ally Vrbas, Blair Hartman, Cassie Burpo, Emma Bauerle, Emma Mollendor, Makenna Wallin, Mindy Castle, Paige Spady, Janessa Haarberg, MaKenna Ketter.
Mixed large ensemble—Anna Bauerle, Tapainga Kahle, Liz Tomky, Ally Vrbas, Blair Hartman, Cassie Burpo, Emma Bauerle, Emma Mollendor, Makenna Wallin, Mindy Castle, Paige Spady, Janessa Haarberg, MaKenna Ketter, Calen Griffin, Bryson Fisher, Nolan Spady, Travis Luhrs, Colton Burpo, Ryan Moline, Darin Knobbe, Dan Sullivan, Indy Smith, Ike Maxwell.
Best of Class

Flute solo—Jessica Hartman.
Flute ensemble (duet)—Jessica Hartman, Kristina Pflum.
Trumpet solo—Anna Bauerle.
Percussion solo—Indy Smith.
Other vocal superiors
(rating of “I”)  
Girls’ high solo—Tapainga Kahle.
Girls medium solo—Emma Mollendor.
Girls’ low solos—Makenna Wallin and Rose Sullivan.
Boys’ medium solos—Kelton Fisher and Colton Burpo.
Boys’ low solos—Ryan Moline and Indy Smith.
Girls’ medium ensemble—Kym Rowley, Taylin McNair, Kristina Pflum, Cheyenne Kuhlmann.
Boys’ large ensemble—Ike Maxwell, Indy Smith, Dan Sullivan, Darin Knobbe, Ryan Moline, Colton Burpo, Travis Luhrs, Nolan Spady, Calen Griffin, Bryson Fisher.
Other instrumental
superiors (rating of “I”)

Alto sax solo—Emma Bauerle.
Percussion solo/xylophone—Korey Krutsinger.
Saxophone ensemble—Josie Peterson, Jadin Bussell, Lexi Howard, Darin Knobbe.
Percussion ensemble—Bryson Fisher, Ike Maxwell, Dakota Wallin, Joe Tomky, Sarah Allen, Angel Hinojosa, Brittanie Benge.
Simply Jazz jazz band.
Vocal excellents
(rating of “II”)

Girls’ medium solo—Kristina Pflum.
Girls’ low solo—Cassie Burpo.
Boys’ low solo—Ike Maxwell.
Girls’ small ensemble—Tapainga Kahle and Anna Bauerle.
Girls’ large ensemble—Molly Luhrs, Bridgette Odens, Kym Rowley, Dawn Castle, Taylin McNair, Shaylee Heathers, Kaylee Meeske, Kadyn Milner, Annika Swanson, Kristina Pflum, Josie Peterson, Jadin Bussell, Rose Sullivan, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Kelly Christensen.
Instrumental excellents
(rating of “II”)

Low woodwind solo—Darin Knobbe.
Trombone solo—Kelton Fisher.
Soprano/alto sax duet—Faith Reinke and Lexi Howard.
Brass ensemble (trio)—Makayla DaMoude, Cade Francis, Rogelio Vargas.
Mixed brass ensemble (trio)—Carlos Chavez, Taylor Wilson, Michael Musgrove.
Mixed brass ensemble (quartet)—Anna Bauerle, Carlos Chavez, Kelton Fisher, Destiny Reinke.