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Cliff hanger until the end PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee

The Imperial Republican

The madam did it. That’s what about 40 people who attended the Lied Imperial Library’s murder mystery found out Friday night.
Of course, the madam found out at the end, too. “The Good, the Bad and the Guilty” was an interactive mystery in which those attending questioned those characters involved, learning their secrets and their degree of guilt.
The event was sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Chair Joan Wenzlick said the free event was designed to draw people into the library and to have some fun.
Characters included Marlea Thompson as Butch Chastity; Sam Cahow as P’Elvis Swagarin; Elaine Colson as Helena Handcart; Dennis Batterman as Chief Breaking Wind; Carolyn Lee as Elvira-Lynn Fekshin; Don Newman as Wyatt Hertz; Nichole Welsh as Dee Adela Muerte and Jerry Heydenberk as Elias Truist-Heath.
The play was set in 1881 in Roadkill, with the Malevolent Seven ready to face the gallows. They were all guilty to a degree, but who was the deadliest?