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March Madness bracketology always marked by surprises PDF Print E-mail
Jim Calvin, Tyler Pribbeno lead contest after first weekend

By Jana Pribbeno

The Imperial Republican

Trying to figure out how to fill out the March Madness bracket each year can be maddening. One can pour over the stats, like the sound of the team name, toss a coin or just let it all go out the window and pick the underdogs.
With that being said, for some, the first two rounds led to a frustrating weekend. For others, it was a weekend of sitting back and watching the unpredictable and enjoying every bit of it!
Here’s a little recap of what went down in the 2014 Imperial Republican Basketball Bracketology and what teams are left to play in the next rounds, starting March 27 -30.
Starting in the South Region all 18 bracket entrants picked #1 seed Florida to advance. All but two picked UCLA.
All entries picked Syracuse to advance on but Syracuse went down! Dayton pulled out a win on Thursday over Ohio St. and then took Syracuse and their fans by surprise on Saturday. Therefore, no brackets held Dayton to advance.
Another surprising win was Stanford beating Kansas, in Sunday action. Again, no one advancing Stanford in bracket play.
Heading to the East Regional, all but one picked Virginia to advance, while all 18 picked Michigan State to move on. All but five entries picked Iowa State to advance.
Villanova was a popular pick but proved fatal as UConn drew the win. Only three entries picked UConn to advance.
Going over to the West Regional standings, all but one picked #1 Seed Arizona to move on. Eleven picked San Diego State and only one person picked Baylor over Creighton. It shows that Nebraska fans are true to their own, most of the time. Sixteen picked Wisconsin to move on.
Now, looking at the Midwest Regional advancement, the #1 seed of Wichita State went down by surprise to Kentucky, on Sunday
Out of all the entries, a total of four picked Kentucky. Thirteen picked Louisville to advance. No one picked the play-in team, Tennessee, to advance and yet they will be shining in this weekend’s play.
Last but not least, 17 of the 18 picked Michigan State to move on.
Heading into another weekend of basketball, bracketologists look for some more luck as the “madness” continues.
Point standings based on correct picks in the Imperial Republican Basketball Bracketology contest after the first weekend are as follows:
Jim Calvin, 36; Tyler Pribbeno, 36; Ethan Clermont, 35; Dave Parker, 34; Brian Carman, 34; Donita Pribbeno, 34; Courtney Burke, 34; Matt Vlasin, 33; Ryan Leibhart, 33; Mike Pribbeno, 33; Marlon Berry, 31; Darrin Schultz, 31; Danna Vlasin, 30; Ray  Lindekugel, 32; Rayburn Bischoff,  28; Tom Hayes, 28; Leslie Chavez,  26; Madee, Clermont, 23.


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