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Who is the murderer? PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Do you like a good murder mystery? How about a little humor thrown in? Then the Friends of the Lied Imperial Public Library have an evening just for you.
The Friends of the Library are presenting “The Good, the Bad and the Guilty” Friday, March 28, at 7 p.m. at the library at 7th and Broadway.
This is an interactive event, with those attending able to ask questions of the characters involved in order to determine the solution to the murder.
Travel back to 1881 to the town of Roadkill.
Who will end up at the gallows? Will it be Butch Chastity, the first lady of outlaws with her gang of Amazons of the West?
Will it be P’Elvis Swagarin, a mysterious lone gunslinger, a man with no belongings but the shirt on his back, his gun and his saddle?
What about Helena Handcart, mother of 13 boys, who were all killed in a shoot-out at a dairy farm during the Parkkay Corral gunfight?
Then there’s Chief Breaking Wind, the distinguished leader of the Cowpai tribe and a successful barber in Roadkill.
What about Elvira-Lynn Fekshin, the lowly born and now successful madam of the “soiled doves” of the Pigeon Ranch, the best little you-know-what in Roadkill?
Wyatt Hertz is the most famous lawman in the West, who now runs a lucrative rent-a-horse business.
Or there’s Dee Adela Muerte, a Mexican beauty who has had a tragic history with husbands (three) and now preaches and is the town undertaker.
And what about Elias Truist-Heath, an up-and-coming heart-throb gunfighter who is known as the best brawler west of the Mississippi?
The evening is free to the public, for adults only, and includes lots of finger food.
Reservations aren’t required but are appreciated by calling the library at (308) 882-4754.


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