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New board policy suggested on shared sick leave for CCS staff PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

School board members are studying a proposed policy brought to them by the Imperial Education Association (IEA) on voluntary shared sick leave.
High school teacher Kim Wilson, representing IEA, said there have been staff members in the past, including the classified employees, who haven’t had enough sick leave days banked to care for a family member with major medical issues.
“We would like to help them out by giving them some of our sick leave days,” she said.
Certificated staff receive 10 paid sick leave days each year. Currently, they can “bank” no more than 45 days, although changes in the 2014-15 negotiated agreement increase that to 50 days.
In the proposed policy before the board at their Feb. 11 meeting, the maximum number of shared sick leave days used by an employee would be limited to 60 days per school year.
Those donating their sick days could give five per year.
Participation would be on a voluntary basis, and would allow staff to donate to specific individuals who qualified.
Several board members had questions on sections of the proposal, some concerned with the 60-day maximum. Others believed the situations that would qualify for acceptance of the shared days should be narrowed.
Board President Jeff Olsen said, as a board, they need to look closely at it because the proposal will be an additional cost to the district, as many staff members would be able to share their unused sick days.
After the questions and discussion, Wilson asked the board if they thought their request was trying to take advantage of the board.
“You treat us like you don’t trust us and we are a bunch of greedy people who take advantage of the board every chance we get. That’s the feeling we have,” she said.
Olsen said that wasn’t why they had questions, but that they are responsible to the taxpayers “who are the boss. We are representing the taxpayers.”
He said it’s important for the board to make sure a policy has some controls in it so taxpayers don’t ask them why they didn’t.
The board also directed Supt. Schoeppey to contact other schools to see what type of shared sick leave policies they may be using.


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