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Lady Longhorns’ reign ends as SPVA champs PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    After a 20-year reign, Chase County’s hold on the SPVA Conference girls’ track title ended this year.
    Perkins County won this year’s title, capturing the conference first place at Hershey Friday, after finishing second behind Chase County last year.
    The Lady Longhorns placed fifth this year, beating Maxwell, a first year member of the SPVA.
    It wasn’t a surprise to Coach Al Zuege that Chase County wasn’t able to hang on to the title this year.
    “Part of a good track team is depth,” Zuege said this week.
    In Chase County’s girls’ track program for years, depth has been a plus factor. But with a roster of 25 this year, including just three seniors, the depth just isn’t there.
    In addition, Karlee Palmer only ran the two relays, and did not compete in the 100 and 200, where she would have placed. She’s dealing with leg pain due to her sciatic nerve.
    Rebecca Martin, another sprinter, didn’t compete at all at SPVA due to an injury. She would have added some additional points, as well, Zuege said.
    “Together, they would have added 20 to 25 additional points, but it wouldn’t have been enough to win anyway,” Zuege said.
    But, injuries at this time of the year are common, and some of the other SPVA teams were dealing with that, too, last week.
    It’s up in the air next year, as well, Zuege said, as far as Chase County’s prospects of a better showing at SPVA.
    “You never know about next year. We’ll have to see how the talent develops,” Zuege said.
    In five of the events Friday, Chase County didn’t score.
    The team’s only first place finishes came in the 400 and 1600 meter relays.
    However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some bright spots.
    Besides the relays, Zuege highlighted the efforts of freshman Shayla Dinnel in the jumps, Kacia Smith and Chantal Heathers, also freshmen, in the hurdles, as well as senior Nichole Dickey in the 400.    
    Dinnel took third in the high jump and fifth in the long jump, while Heathers and Smith claimed sixths in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles, behind junior Dee Dee Pursley.
    In a tough field, Dickey finished third in the 400, and also earned a fourth in the 200.
    Team scoring at SPVA was Perkins County 147, Hershey 112, Sutherland 96, North Platte St. Pat’s 64, Chase County 62 and Maxwell 44.

    Here are Chase County’s placings and the first place finisher in all events.
100 meter dash—1st, Jenni Sis, PC, 12.90.
200 meter dash—4th, Nichole Dickey, 29.40. Winning time—Jenni Sis, PC, 26.60.
400 meter dash—3rd, Nichole Dickey, 1:06.40. Winning time—Marla Munsen, Her., 1:02.70.
100 meter hurdles—5th, Dee Dee Pursley, 17.80; 6th, Chantal Heathers, 18.50. Winning time—Marla Munsen, Her., 16.40.
300 meter hurdles—3rd, Dee Dee Pursley, 50.80; 6th, Kacia Smith, 53.20. Winning time—Marla Munsen, Her., 48.0.
800 meter run—6th, Jilanne German, 2:46.30. Winning time—Ashley Kemling, PC, 2:39.30.
1600 meter run—1st, Christina Tilford, Suth., 6:04.20.
3200 meter run—1st, Kristen Beck, PC, 13:31.20.
Long jump—5th, Shayla Dinnel, 13’6.75”. Winning mark—Shelby Pieper, SP, 15’9”.
Triple jump—1st, Shelby Pieper, SP, 34’2.5”.
High jump—3rd, Shayla Dinnel, 4’6”; 5th, Morgan Strand, 4’2”. Winning mark—Angie Litz, Max., 4’10”.
Pole vault—1st, Josey Schomp, Her., 9’.
Shot put—4th, Karlee Kunnemann, 32’1”; 5th, Lexee Reichert, 31’7.25”. Winning mark—Sara Wilson, PC, 41’.5”.
Discus—5th, Molly Strand, 97’; 6th, Lexee Reichert, 88’8”. Winning mark—Lory Johnson, Suth., 108’1”.
400 relay—1st, Chase County, Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Karlee Palmer, 53.60.
1600 relay—1st, Chase County, Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Jilanne German, Karlee Palmer, 4:21.80.
3200 relay—5th, Chase County, Paula Leibbrandt, Morgan Strand, Devon Vaverek, Jade Vaverek, 13:20.70. Winning time—Perkins County, 11:25.00.
Personal bests
800 meter—Jilanne German, 2:45.9.
1600 meter—Paula Leibbrandt, 7:08.8; Devon Vaverek, 7:49.8.
3200 meter—Jilanne German, 15:26.4; Shanna Carter, 15:35.8.
300 meter hurdles—Chantal Heathers, 55.9.
Shot put—Karlee Kunnemann, 32’1”.
Long jump—Shayla Dinnel, 13’6.75”.
400 meter relay—Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Karlee Palmer, 53.6.
1600 meter relay—Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Jilanne German, Karlee Palmer, 4:21.8.
Sutherland meet
    Chase County finished sixth in a field of nine schools at the rescheduled Sutherland Invitational on Tuesday, April 28.
    Team scoring was Sutherland 96, Hershey 82.5, Wauneta/Palisade 76, Perkins County 68.5, Maxwell 55, Chase County 50, Wallace 46, Arnold 31 and McPherson County 20.        
    Here are Chase County’s placings and the first place finisher in all events.
100 meter dash—1st, Blair Dixon, WP, 12.60.
200 meter dash—1st, Josey Schomp, Her., 27.50.
400 meter dash—6th, Nichole Dickey, 1:08.60. Winning time—Blair Dixon, WP, 1:00.40.
800 meter run—1st, Jackie Griffiths, Wall., 2:36.20.
1600 meter run—5th, Paula Leibbrandt, 7:20.60. Winning time—Christina Tilford, Suth., 6:08.00.
3200 meter run—3rd, Mayra Acosta, 15:01.30; 5th, Devon Vaverek, 16:45.40. Winning time—Tasha Miller, McPC, 12:47.40.
100 meter hurdles—4th, Kacia Smith, 18.10; 5th, Dee Dee Pursley, 18.10; 6th, Chantal Heathers, 18.30. Winning time—Blair Dixon, WP, 15.60.
300 meter hurdles—3rd, Dee Dee Pursley, 51.50; 6th, Kacia Smith, 54.30. Winning time—Marla Munsen, Her., 47.40.
400 meter relay—3rd, Chase County, Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Rebecca Martin, Karlee Palmer, 56.00. Winning time—Sutherland, 54.60.
1600 meter relay—3rd, Dee Dee Pursley, Nichole Dickey, Kacia Smith, Karlee Palmer, 4:41.80. Winning time—Hershey, 4:23.70.
3200 meter relay—4th, Shanna Carter, Morgan Strand, Paula Leibbrandt, Jilanne German, 12:13.70. Winning time—Wallace, 11:06.30.
Long jump—5th, Nichole Dickey, 13’7.5”. Winning mark—MyRia Knapp, Max., 14’9”.
Shot put—5th, Lexee Reichert, 33’2”. Winning mark—Sara Wilson, PC, 40’6”.
Discus—4th, Molly Strand, 97’6”; 6th, Karlee Kunnemann, 92’8”. Winning mark—Jessica Day, PC, 107’11”.
Triple jump—1st, Kassie Schuett, Max., 31’10.25”.
High jump—1st, Angie Litz, Max., 4’11”.
Pole vault—1st, Josey Schomp, Her., 9’6”.
Personal bests
1600 meter—Jade Vaverek, 8:46.9.
3200 meter—Mayra Acosta, 15:01.30; Jade Vaverek, 18:51.0.
100 meter hurdles—Chantal Heathers, 18.1.
3200 meter relay—Shanna Carter, Morgan Strand, Paula Leibbrandt, Jilanne German, 12:13.7.
JV meet at McCook
    The Lady Longhorns also took several athletes to McCook April 27 for a JV meet.
    Here are how the Lady Longhorns placed there.
Long jump—12th, Cassie Carman, 12’3.5”.
Triple jump—12th, Cassie Carman, 25’4.25”.
Shot put—4th, Marie Ramos, 29’10”; 8th, Carolina Ramos, 28’6.5”; 10th, Shannon Liewer, 26’8”; 14th, Alexa Bernhardt, 25’4.75”; 19th, Katie Engbrecht, 23’11.75”.
Discus—4th, Marie Ramos, 89’; 6th, Shannon Liewer, 88’2”; 8th, Alexa Bernhardt, 83’6”; 12th, Katie Engbrecht, 76’5”; 21st, Carolina Ramos, 63’11”.
Final regular meet Friday
    Chase County will be at the Dundy County/Stratton twilight meet this Friday, which gets underway at 12:30 p.m. with the first session of field events.
    Running events start at 2 p.m. with the 3200 meter relay. The second session of field events starts at 4 p.m. with the finals on the track at 5:30 p.m.
    Next Thursday, May 14, the Lady Longhorns will be on the road to Bayard for the District C11 track meet.
    Among the top teams Chase County will be competing against there include Perkins County, Gordon/Rushville and Kimball.
    More on that state-qualifying meet will be in next week’s issue.


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