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Teachers, two principals get 2014-15 pay hikes PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

Teachers at Chase County Schools will see a two percent bump in their base pay for the 2014-15 school year.
Action at the Feb. 11 school board meeting approved a base pay salary increase of $650 for certificated staff from $31,950 in effect this school year to $32,600 for 2014-15.
Supt. Brad Schoeppey noted next year’s base increase is part of a one-year contract negotiated between the board and Imperial Education Association (IEA).
He said the uncertainty of Obamacare and its effect on insurance rates have led the board to limiting action to one-year contracts for this year and next. In several negotiated agreements before that, contracts were approved for two-year terms.
The negotiated agreement also includes the same health insurance coverage for staff, although the cost of the policies is increasing about two and a half percent next year.
This year’s health insurance rates rose six percent, compared to 2012-13.
The district pays the entire premium for full-time certificated staff, whether they are on the single or family plan.
For single policy-holders, the deductible is $950, which will stay the same in 2014-15. Of that $950, the employee pays $500. The district pays the $450 difference with documentation.
For teachers on the policies covering families, the deductible is $1,900. The employee pays $1,000 of that deductible, while the district pays the $900 difference, also with documentation.
The premiums for the health policies next year range from $483.43 to $1,363.20 (see full chart).
One other change in the negotiated contract next year involves sick days. The amount a certificated staff member can “bank” will increase from 45 to 50 days.
Voting on the negotiated contract with IEA came after a 45-minute closed session. Board members voted 8-0 to approve.
Principals see salary
increases of $1,500

Both principals, Mike Sorensen (7-12) and Susie Stewart (K-6) received $1,500 salary increases in their contract offer for 2014-15.
Sorensen’s current salary of $84,500 will increase to $86,000 next year for a 1.7 percent raise. He is completing his eighth year as principal at CCS.    
Stewart, who is completing her first year as K-6 principal, will see a rise in her salary from $70,000 to $71,500, representing a 2.14 percent hike.
Like the full-time certificated staff, both principals and Supt. Schoeppey receive full payment of their health insurance premiums and pay the same deductible as teachers depending on what policy they have.
The action on the principal salaries came after an hour and 25-minute closed session during last week’s meeting. Board members voted 8-0 to approve the employment and salaries for the principals.


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