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Before the school year began, the Imperial FFA officer team set a chapter goal to have 16 proficiency applications submitted on the district level with 10 of those moving on to the state level.
Proficiency awards are applications submitted by FFA members that show case the member’s supervised agricultural experience (SAE). SAE’s are jobs or programs where students gain hands-on experience and develop skills in agricultural career areas that interest them.
An SAE program is the actual, hands-on application of concepts and principles learned in the agricultural education classroom. The application requires students to give detailed explanations of different aspects of their job as well as  the financial aspects and outcomes of their SAE.
Proficiency applications are split into two areas—Placement, which is for those students who are employees of a business, or Entrepreneurship, which is for those students who own their own business.
The chapter exceeded its goal by submitting 17 proficiency applications on the district level. On Feb. 5, those applications were reviewed and district champions and state qualifiers were selected by a proficiency review panel.
Out of the 17 applications submitted by the Imperial FFA chapter, nine were selected as district champion applications and 13 moved on to the state review committee. Individual results of placings can be found below.
The 13 FFA members whose proficiency applications were selected to advance to the state level will be reviewed this weekend in Kearney to determine if their proficiency is in the top three in the state. If selected among the top three, FFA members will interview at the State FFA Convention in April to determine if they have the top proficiency application in the state.
Feb. 5 was also the day for members applying for their State FFA Degrees to submit their applications, take a test and interview. This year, 11 FFA members applied for their state degrees.
Members who apply for their state degrees also have an opportunity to apply for Star Farmer in four different areas: Stars in Agriscience, Placement, Production and Agribusiness. Each area can have two district stars.
This year, the district Star committee selected Imperial FFA members Derek Schilke and Sam Haarberg as District Stars in Placement.
The second round of Career Development Events (CDE’s) were held Feb. 12 in Curtis at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.
CDE’s are designed to help students develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly and perform effectively in a competitive job market. Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others allow them to compete in teams.
FFA members competed in six different events last week in Floriculture, Farm Business Management, Agronomy, Livestock Management, Agricultural Mechanics and Agricultural Communications. The Imperial FFA Chapter had 14 students competing in five of the six events.
At the end of the day four more teams qualified to compete at the State FFA Convention—Farm Business Management, Floriculture, Agricultural Mechanics and Agronomy.
Taking district runner-up was the Farm Business Management team of Cassie Burpo, Jessica Hartman, Taylor Wilson and Angel Hinojosa.
Both the Floriculture and Agricultural Mechanics teams took third place, with the Agronomy finishing fourth. Full results can be found below. The third and final round of CDE’s will be held on March 4 in Curtis
Here are the full results from the recent FFA events.
District champion

Restaurant, Hospitality, and Tourism Management Placement—Ashlin Bussell
Ag Processing Entrepreneurship—Ashlin Bussell
Specialty Crop Production Entrepreneurship—Jessica Hartman
Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship—Jessica Hartman
Beef Production Placement—Kevin Chavira
Diversified Crop Production Placement—Derek Schilke
Grain Production Placement—Derek Schilke
Landscape Management Placement—Darin Knobbe
Diversified Agricultural Production Entrepreneurship—Blair Hartman
State-qualifying proficiencies
Beef Production Entrepreneurship—2nd Place—Andrea Hogsett
Diversified Crop Production Placement—2nd Place—Sam Haarberg
Turf Grass Management Placement—2nd Place—Callin Ledall
Ag Services Placement—3rd Place—Bailey Springer
Other proficiencies
earning awards

Beef Production Entrepreneurship—Silver—Mallory Coleman
Ag Sales Entrepreneurship—Silver—Mallory Coleman
Grain Production Placement—Silver—Tyler Oxford
Grain Production Entrepreneurship—Bronze—Derek Schilke
Career development events
Farm Business Management 2nd place (state qualifiers)—Cassie Burpo, Jessica Hartman, Taylor Wilson, Angel Hinojosa
Farm Business Management Individuals: 4th place—Jessica Hartman, Blue—Cassie Burpo, Red—Taylor Wilson
Floriculture—3rd place (state qualifiers)—Ashlin Bussell, Abbi Vetter, Jordyn Doetker, Dawn Castle
Floriculture Individuals—5th place—Ashlin Bussell, Blue—Abbi Vetter, Red—Jordyn Doetker, Red—Dawn Castle
Agricultural Mechanics (state qualifiers)—Derek Schilke, Tyler Oxford, Sam Haarberg, Liz Tomky
Agricultural Mechanics Individuals—2nd place—Liz Tomky
Agronomy—4th place—(state qualifiers)—Mallory Coleman, Derek Schilke, Sam Haarberg, Tyler Oxford
Agronomy Individuals—Red—Mallory Coleman, Blue—Sam Haarberg
Livestock Managemen-White-Swine Management—Jordyn Doetker, Caleb Bubak, Regan Gittlein, Joe Tomky, Shaylee Dorn, Kevin Chavira.


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