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More Cornerstone development on city’s One and Six Year Street Plan PDF Print E-mail


By Jan Schultz

The Imperial Republican

More development in the city’s Cornerstone property heads the list of priorities in the city’s One and Six Year Street Plan approved Monday night after a public hearing.

Luke Dutcher of Miller & Associates, the city’s engineer, presented the plan at Monday’s city council meeting, which later was approved on a 4-0 vote.

There are two priority projects on the street plan’s first year, both in Cornerstone.

One is the development of East 3rd Street from Holland St. east to Highway 61 with paving, sanitary sewer and water lines.

Cost estimate for the entire project, which includes paving all the way from Holland to Highway 61, is $1.03 million.

The other year one project there involves water connections and the opening of graveled streets on Orsa St. from 2nd to 5th at an estimate of $160,000.

Also approved on the six-year plan include:

Opening of Orsa St. from Highway 6 to East 2nd.

Drainage improvements in Schroeder Subdivision and Holland St.

Asphalt resurfacing on Longhorn St. from 5th to 9th St.

Drainage work south of the Highway 6/61 (T-Junction) intersection.

Drainage work at 17th St. and South St.

New pavement on East 9th St. from Broadway east to Chase St.

Council member John Arterburn expressed some concern with the cost estimates for the East 3rd development.

City Public Works Supt. Pat Davison reminded the council and mayor the plan is not set in stone if priorities change, and can be amended at any time on a council vote.

“It’s very adjustable,” Davison said.

The Cornerstone property also had some major upgrades in last year’s street plan with the opening of East 2nd St. and paving of several blocks and water lines installed.

Also completed in 2013 was paving of streets in the Sage Subdivision and several blocks of West 12th St. bordering that subdivision.

Dutcher of Miller & Associates said cities are required to submit a One and Six Year Street Plan annually to the state in order to receive their share of state gas tax funds.

It’s expected that Imperial will receive $258,000 in 2014 from that fund, up from $237,000 last year.

Amounts funneled to cities from the state gas tax fund are determined in a formula that includes population, city street lane miles and the number of registered vehicles.


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