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Six being interviewed for two police openings PDF Print E-mail

Kyle Hansen promoted to sergeant on force

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

In his first report to the city council as police chief Monday, Ryan Wisnieski said he and a committee were interviewing six applicants for police officer positions open in Imperial.
The interviews started Tuesday and he hoped to conclude them by Friday.
Fifteen applications came in for the two jobs, which were pared down to six for interviews, he said.
On the interview committee besides Wisnieski are City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland, CCS 7-12 Principal Mike Sorensen and Police Sgt. Kyle Hansen.
None of the six being interviewed are certified officers, Wisnieski said. If any of them are hired, the city will be responsible for much of their training costs.    
Wisnieski said he is working with City Attorney Josh Wendell to develop something in the employment contract on time commitments for police officers when the city provides training costs.
Wisnieski said once two officers are hired they will attend the Law Enforcement Training Center at different times.
The two police openings occurred after the resignations of former Police Chief Rob Browning in October and Officer Spencer Rowley. Rowley’s last day was Sunday.
During Monday’s city council meeting, Kyle Hansen was promoted to police sergeant, the position Wisnieski held before being named chief in early December.
An increased salary of $41,250 was approved, up from his previous salary of $37,595. Hansen’s promotion was effective Monday.
Hansen joined the force March 3, 2008.
In addition to the hirings, the police chief also outlined other goals for 2014, which include acquiring online databases for police vehicles, getting more police forms online, updating the policy book and emailing day and night log sheets between officers.
He is also reviewing success of the department’s practice concerning stopped drivers who have never applied for a driver’s license. As a misdemeanor charge, drivers can be taken to jail where a $1,000 bond can be set, requiring a 10 percent payment of $100 before being released.
The police chief noted there are three to five such arrests each month here.