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City operates with service from boards, commissions PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

The city of Imperial could not operate without the service provided by several appointed boards and commissions, which are filled with community volunteers.
That’s according to Mayor Dwight Coleman and City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland, who work closely with the groups.
Each December, the mayor makes annual appointments to the boards and commissions, in addition to other times during the year when vacancies occur.
Mayor Coleman reappointed several individuals to board positions last month, but still has some to fill.
The makeup of the current boards, as it stood in December, and their responsibilities appear below.
Library Board (4 year terms)—Joan Wenzlick, Jan Graham, Cindy Roesener, Don Newman. One board position and one youth member position yet to be appointed.
The Library Board has the authority to appoint a librarian and other employees, and establish rules and regulations for the management, operation and use of the library.
Park and Tree Commissioners (3 year terms)—Carl Zuege, Alex McNair, Greg Dickey, Tracy Haarberg, Carrie Terryberry, Miles Colson, Scott Way. Youth member Garrett Thompson. One youth position yet to be appointed.
The Board of Park and Tree Commissioners develops policies and management recommendations relating to the swimming pool, athletic fields, parks and playgrounds. It makes recommendations on the hiring of the pool manager and summer recreation director and assistant, as well as setting fees for pool admission and summer recreation participation. It also develops a plan for trees in the parks, along streets and other public areas.
Cemetery Board (3 year terms)—Evelyn Mitchell, Charlessa Kline, Jason Francis, Linda Lakey, Monna Milner, Mary Lou Hegwood.
The Cemetery Board develops policies and management recommendations on general care, management and supervision of Mt. Hope Cemetery; sets rules for use of the cemetery and penalties for violations thereof; sets the fee schedule for sale of lots, open and closing fees and permits.
Planning Commission (3 year terms)—Ben Sauder, Kelen Fortkamp, Nick Schultz, Jason Anderson, Doug Carman, Stewart Weiss, Randy Roesener. Currently a nine-member board, but may be dropping to seven. Two appointments needed if board remains at nine members.
The Planning Commission makes plans for physical development of the city, including areas outside its boundaries; and develops a comprehensive plan as defined in state statute. It also deals with matters related to capital improvements, building codes, subdivision development, annexation and zoning.
Variance Board, or Board of Adjustment (3 year terms)—Doug Mitchell, Jan Elliott, Jim Hanes, Launy Ringleman, Doug Carman (Planning Comm. representative), alternate Jason Banks.
The Variance Board hears and decides on appeals whether it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by a municipal officials based on any zoning ordinance of the city; hears requests on map interpretation; and can authorize a variance from any zoning ordinance if the board determines there are exceptional difficulties or undue hardship imposed.
Imperial Housing Authority (5 year terms)—Laura Gaschler, Ray Malleck, Amanda Vlasin, Josh Fries, Lori Beard, Norma Dannatt. One position yet to be appointed.
The Housing Authority provides oversight of the city-owned housing complexes including Sunrise Apartments, Sunset Housing and the Pine Grove Senior Housing
Community Center Commission, or Theatre Board (4 year terms)—Amy Leibbrandt, Janice Haarberg, Jill Moline, Judy Gaswick, youth member Mallory Coleman. One youth member and one board position yet to be appointed.
The Community Center Commission develops policies and makes management recommendations to the city council relating to supervision, maintenance, care and operation of the Imperial Theatre.
Imperial Community Redevelopment Authority (3 year terms)—Jim Pirog, Treasurer Jo Leyland, Doug Gaswick, Chairman Russ Pankonin. One board position yet to be appointed.
The Community Redevelopment Authority reviews requests for Tax Increment Financing, and is the body in charge of projects resulting from that financing.
Loan Review Committee—Lending/Financial Expert Miles Colson, Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member Johna Jablonski, Program Administrator Jason Tuller.
The Loan Review Committee reviews and analyzes all requests for economic development funds, including business loans, from city sales tax, and makes recommendations to the Citizens Advisory Committee.
Citizens Advisory Committee—Joe Weiss, Matt Hanna, Jan Elliott, Johna Jablonski, Claudette Swanson.
The Citizens Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the city council on any recommendations for use of economic development sales tax funds
Southwest Nebraska Solid Waste Agency (2 year terms)—Chase County Commissioner representative Don Weiss Jr.,  City of Imperial representative John Miller, Joint City/County representative Bob Hartman, City Council representative John Arterburn, Chase County representative Larry Carpenter.
A joint effort of the city of Imperial and Chase County, the agency was formed to meet statutory requirements for solid waste disposal. With both city and county representatives, the board oversees the transfer station, transportation and contracting for waste disposal, tree/compost piles and recycling operations.


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