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Longhorns finish 4th in two meets PDF Print E-mail
Matt Hayes shoots 77 at Perkins County invite
By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

    The Longhorn varsity golfers collected a pair of fourth place finishes in their two outings last week.
    On Tuesday, April 21, the Longhorns finished fourth at the Grant invite with a team score of 371.
    Then on Saturday, the Longhorns finished fourth in their own invitational held at the Enders Lake Golf Course.
    Coach Larry Munger felt the Longhorns let a second place finish get away at their invite Saturday. “Second was up for grabs,” he said.
    He said his golfers left some stroke out on the course. They had beaten Perkins County on Tuesday but couldn’t get it done on Saturday.
    At the Perkins County meet, senior Matt Hayes paced the Longhorns with a 38-39 to finish in third with a 77, which was just three strokes out of first.
    On Saturday, Hayes, Travis Wheeler and Steven Fish finished in the top 15 to medal.
    Munger said he was really pleased with Wheeler, who shot a 91 to finish 10th.
    He said some of his other players have the potential to shoot some lower scores going forward.
SPVA Friday at Grant
    The Longhorns will compete in the SPVA conference meet at the Grant Golf Club Friday.
    Munger said North Platte St. Pat’s comes in as the overwhelming favorite. The challenge will be to claim a second place finish amongst the rest of the field.
    Both the varsity and jayvees will compete at the SPVA.
    Next week, the jayvees will travel to Chappell Tuesday for Creek Valley’s invite. The varsity team will play in St. Pat’s invitational at the North Platte Country Club Thursday.
    Munger said this is where districts will be played in mid-May so the golfers will get a chance to see the course before districts.
    Results from last week’s meets are as follows:
Perkins County invite
Team standings
1, N.P. St. Pats, 316; 2, Creek Valley, 352; 3, Garden County, 354; 4, Chase County, 371; 5, Hershey, 384; 6, Perkins County, 384; 7, Sutherland, 390; 8, PC JV #1, 400; 9, Team JV; 400; 10, PC JV #2, 491; 11, PC JV #2, 546; 12, South Platte, 672.
Individual medalist: Kody Collins, GC, 74; 3rd, Matt Hayes, CC, 79.  
Imperial golf invite
Team standings
1, McCook JV, 340; 2, Perkins County, 357; 3, Ogallala JV, 367; 4, Chase County, 375; 5, Sutherland, 378; 6, Hershey, 384; 7, Chase County JV, 449.
Top 15 medal winners
1, Drew Shields, MJV, 78; 2, Corey Dallam, MJV, 82; 3, Dan Bauer, OJV, 85; 4, Taylor Lake, PC, 86; 5, Ben Vetrovsky, MJV, 88; 6, Ben Ross, PC, 88; 7, Matt Hayes, CC, 89; 8, Tell Flynn , Suth., 89; 9, Adam Pelster, PC, 91; 10, Travis Wheeler, CC, 91; 11, Cameron Foster, MJV, 92; 12, Max Jones, PC, 92; 13, Clint Kleeb, Her., 93; 14, Matt Madina, OJV, 93; 15, Steven Fish, CC, 93.
Team statistics
1st, McCook JV, Drew Shields, 38-40=78; Corey Dallam, 39-43=82; Ben Vetrovsky, 43-45=88; Cameron Foster, 47-45=92; Alan Goodenberger, 50-49=99; Guiseppe Wilcox, 49-51=100. Total: 340.
2nd, Perkins County, Taylor Lake, 41-45=86; Ben Ross, 44-44=88; Adam Pelster, 46-45=91; Max Jones, 48-44=92; Zac White, 48-52=100; Nick Turner, 49-52=101. Total: 357.
3rd, Ogallala JV, Dan Bauer, 43-42=85; Matt Madina, 47-46=93; Johnny Graves, 46-48=94; Marine Rivas, 46-49=95; Zach Fuller, 52-52=104. Total: 367.
4th, Chase County, Matt Hayes, 44-45=89; Travis Wheeler, 45-46=91; Steven Fish, 46-47=93; Keithan Cochran, 50-52=102; Charles Haarberg, 54-51=105; Adam Moline, 53-55=108. Total: 375.
5th, Sutherland, Tell Flynn, 45-44=89; Zack Jenner, 50-45=95; Cade McFadden, 48-48=96; Shane Smith, 53-45=98; Henry Henderson, 53-54=107; Anthony Pfeiff, 53-57=110. Total: 378.
6th, Hershey, Clint Kleeb, 46-47=93; Jimmy Moore, 48-48=96; Keegan Kuroki, 47-50-97; Grady Phillips, 52-46=98; Matt Pishna, 52-48=100; Justin Lafferty, 55-59=114. Total: 384.
7th, Chase County JV, Adam Dickey, 50-52=102; Cody Cravey, 53-50=103; Chevy Smith, 66-56=122; Sean Mandeville, 63-59=122; Eric Lakey, 62-60=122; Ben Heskett, 61-64=125. Total: 449.

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