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Lady Longhorns claim first meet championship at home PDF Print E-mail

SPVA track title on
the line this Friday

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    It was by a slim two-point margin, but the Lady Longhorns captured their first track meet championship of the season last week when they won their home Imperial Invitational.
    Chase County edged their neighbors, Perkins County, for the title on April 21, by a 123 to 121 score, to win the meet in one of the season’s first really nice days.
    Coach Al Zuege said his athletes performed about where the coaches expected them to, but a big difference came from the Lady Longhorn relays.
    The Lady Longhorns raked in three firsts out of the four relays at the meet, winning the 400, 1600 and 400 powderpuff relays, adding 30 points to the team’s score.
    Those three wins were the last three events of the day, so were able to push Chase County over the top.
    The only other Chase County first at the meet came from Karlee Palmer, who won the 200 meter dash. Palmer was also close in the 100, but got edged at the finish by Perkins County’s Jenni Sis.
    In looking ahead to this Friday’s SPVA conference meet, Coach Zuege said his team will have to be at their very best to win that coveted tile for a 21st consecutive year.
    Last year, Chase County and Perkins County battled for the title, as well, but the Lady Longhorns won it by 15 points.
    Zuege said it will be different this year, saying Perkins County “has to be the favorite right now.” They have a little more depth than this year’s Chase County team.

    However, Chase County, Hershey and Sutherland will all be in the mix for second and third place, Zuege said.
    A couple of injuries on the Chase County girls’ team will also be a factor this week.
    Sprinter Rebecca Martin isn’t expected to compete this week at all, as she fights a pulled groin muscle.
    And, it’s uncertain whether Chase County’s leading sprinter, Palmer, will be competing at SPVA, Zuege said Monday.
    Palmer has been fighting sciatic nerve problems all season, and is questionable this week. It’s a day-to-day thing, Zuege said.
    Mayra Acosta, a distance runner, was back for Imperial’s meet last week. She’s been sidelined since the first meet of the season a month ago with tendonitis.
    Zuege is unsure how Maxwell will fit into the SPVA scoring picture at the conference meet.
    Maxwell is new to the conference this year, and is the only SPVA team the Lady Longhorns haven’t seen this season.
    Friday’s SPVA meet will be held in Hershey, starting at 12:30 p.m. (MT) with the first session of field events. See the full schedule on the sports pages.
    Some of the team members will be in Sutherland Tuesday, May 5, for the Best in the Midwest meet, to which only the top eight in the area are invited.
    After this weekend’s meets, teams will enter their marks and times, and the top eight in all events will be invited on Monday.
    The Best in the Midwest gets underway with the field events at 2 p.m. (MT) in Sutherland. All of those will be concluded before the running events start at 4 p.m. (MT).
    Team scoring at last week’s Imperial Invitational was Imperial 123, Perkins County 121, Sutherland 100, Hershey 83, Ogallala 79, Garden County 35 and Chase County JV 4.

    Here are the individual Chase County medal-winners. The top eight won medals but only the first six were scored for team points.

  • 100 meter dash—1st, Jenni Sis, PC, 12.64; 2nd, Karlee Palmer, CC, 12.95; 3rd, Audrey Frary, Suth., 13.13; 4th, Beth Vanlaningham, Oga., 13.59; 5th, Jacqueline Frary, Suth., 13.79; 6th, Rebecca Martin, CC, 14.06; 7th, Whitney Rongisch, Suth., 14.10; 8th, Brittany Mendoza, GC, 14.80.
  • 200 meter dash—1st, Karlee Palmer, CC, 27.79; 2nd, Beth Vanlaningham, Oga., 29.03; 3rd, Rebecca Martin, CC, 29.32; 4th, Whitney Rongisch, Suth., 29.52; 5th, Brittany Mendoza, GC, 29.87; 6th, Cara Huebner, Her., 30.18; 7th, Regan Vanskiver, Suth., 30.43; 8th, Shelby Mustion, Her., 30.73.
  • 400 meter dash—1st, Josey Schomp, Her., 1:03.56; 2nd, Marla Munsen, Her., 1:04.62; 3rd, Jenni Sis, Per., 1:07.15; 4th, Nichole Dickey, CC, 1:08.96; 5th, Jilanne German, CC, 1:11.37; 6th, Krystal Gaar, PC, 1:14.45; 7th, Aubriel Jones, GC, 1:15.11; 8th, Tori Daly, Suth., 1:25.50.
  • 100 meter hurdles—1st, Marla Munsen, Her., 16.17; 2nd, Erin Baldridge, Her., 16.89; 3rd, Brooke Poppe, PC, 17.06; 4th, Dee Dee Pursley, CC, 17.67; 5th, Beth Stevenson, 17.96; 6th, Kacia Smith, CC, 18.23; 7th, Kyler Jasnoch, Oga., 18.45; 8th, Jacqueline Frary, Suth., 18.82.
  • 300 meter hurdles—1st, Marla Munsen, Her., 49.02; 2nd, Dee Dee Pursley, CC, 50.42; 3rd, Erin Baldridge, Her., 51.08; 4th, Brooke Poppe, PC, 52.26; 5th, Kacia Smith, 52.49; 6th, Kyler Jasnoch, Oga., 53.68; 7th, Tanya Metcalf, PC, 57.26; 8th, Chantal Heathers, CC, 57.63.
  • 800 meter run—1st, Chelsey Commins, Oga., 2:34.50; 2nd, Ashley Kemling, PC, 2:43.20; 3rd, Mackenzie Hite, PC, 2:51.00; 4th, Jilanne German, CC, 2:55.40; 5th, Shanna Carter, CC, 2:57.50; 6th, Makayla Hecht, Suth., 3:00.70; 7th, Morgan Strand, CC, 3:08.30; 8th, Rebekah Krause, PC, 3:11.30.
  • 1600 meter run—1st, Chelsey Commins, Oga., 5:58.56; 2nd, Christina Tilford, Suth., 6:01.50; 3rd, Kristin Beck, PC, 6:11.60; 4th, Katie Sandberg, Suth., 6:45.81; 5th, Katie Reece, GC, 6:47.51; 6th, Jeannie Kuskie, PC, 7:00.41; 7th, Paula Leibbrandt, CC, 7:31.51; 8th, Shawn Barnhart, GC, 7:41.79.
  • 3200 meter run—1st, Elisa Carlson, PC, 14:48.72; 2nd, Katie Reece, GC, 16:17.06; 3rd, Vera Klasen, Suth., 16:26.58; 4th, Devon Vaverek, CC, 17:34.00; 5th, Jade Vaverek, CC, 19:47.04.
  • Long jump—1st, Whitney Rongisch, Suth., 14’10”; 2nd, Jacqueline Frary, Suth., 14’5.5”; 3rd, Krystal Gaar, PC, 13’10.75”; 4th, Nichole Dickey, CC, 13’4”; 5th, Alex Gies, Oga., 13’2.75”; 6th, Shayla Dinnel, CC, 12’6.5”; 7th, Breanna Brown, CC, 12’1”; 8th, Rebekah Krause, PC, 11’10.5”.
  • Triple jump—1st, Maggie Twomey, Oga., 31’4.5”; 2nd, Alex Gies, Oga., 31’3” 3rd, Tori Vineyard, GC, 30’9.5”; 4th, Mackenzie Hite, PC, 30’3.5”; 5th, Katie Sandberg, Suth., 29’4.5”; 6th, Megan Steward, GC, 26’10.5”; 7th, Katelynn Stewart, Suth., 26’10.5”; 8th, Breanna Brown, CC, 26’10.5”.
  • High jump—1st, Audrey Frary, Suth., 5’1”; 2nd, Maggie Twomey, Oga., 4’10”; 3rd, Alexia Welsh, Oga., 4’10”; 4th, Shayla Dinnel, CC, 4’6”; 5th, Cara Huebner, Her., 4’6”; 6th, Makayla Hecht, Suth., 4’6”; 7th, Tanya Metcalf, PC, 4’6”; 8th, Jessica Cullan, Her., 4’6”.
  • Pole vault—1st, Josey Schomp, Her., 9’6”; 2nd, Jessie Bolton, GC, 9’; 3rd, Allison Reimers, Oga., 9’; 4th, Elsia Carlson, PC, 8’6”; 5th, Kyler Jasnoch, Oga., 8’6”; 6th, Ann Kuroki, Her., 8’6”; 7th, Regan Vanskiver, Suth., 7’; 8th, Cara Huebner, Her., 7’.
  • Shot put—1st, Sara Wilson, PC, 38’11”; 2nd, Lory Johnson, Suth., 37’11”; 3rd, Lexee Reichert, CC, 33’11”; 4th, Caitlin Stevenson, Suth., 32’6”; 5th, Molly Strand, CC, 31’1.5”; 6th, Debbie Dahlkoetter, PC, 31’; 7th, Casey McGahan, Her., 30’1”; 8th, Karlee Kunnemann, CC, 30’8”.
  • Discus—1st, Jessica Day, PC, 112’4”; 2nd, Audrey Frary, Suth., 107’2”; 3rd, Lexee Reichert, CC, 101’4”; 4th, Karlee Kunnemann, CC, 100’8”; 5th, Molly Strand, 98’5”; 6th, Shelby Mustion, Her., 90’11”; 7th, Shannon Liewer, CJV, 8’2”; 8th, Debbie Dahlkoetter, PC, 85’6”.
  • 400 relay—1st, Chase County, Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Rebecca Martin, Karlee Palmer, 54.82; 2nd, Hershey, 55.44; 3rd, Sutherland, 55.55; 4th, Perkins County, 56.43; 5th, Garden County, 58.54.
  • 1600 relay—1st, Chase County, Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Karlee Palmer, 4:22.37; 2nd, Hershey, 4:24.26; 3rd, Perkins County, 4:39.85; 4th, Sutherland, 4:49.30.
  • 3200 relay—1st, Perkins County, 11:30.34; 2nd, Sutherland, 12:21.96; 3rd, Chase County, Shanna Carter, Morgan Strand, Paula Leibbrandt, Jilanne German, 12:23.46.
  • 400 Powderpuff Relay—1st, Chase County, Karlee Kunnemann, Maria Ramos, Shannon Liewer, Shayla Dinnel, 1:00.13; 2nd, Perkins County, 1:00.83; 3rd, Garden County, 1:02.85; 4th, Chase County JV, Maria Martinez, Lexee Reichert, Carolina Ramos, Alexa Bernhardt, 1:05.83; 5th, Ogallala, 1:08.99.

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