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Pumpkin run is cool fun PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

The annual Pumpkin Fun Run at Cox’s Ponds near Champion is always a fun time for families. This year was no exception.
About 20 children gave their all in the quarter-mile run. According to organizer Jill Moline, all were winners, and received candy.
In the three-mile race, the winners were as follows:
50 plus male—Mark Bottom.
50 plus female—Monica Poppe.
40 plus male—Bill Christensen.
40 plus female—Nicole Welsh.
30 plus male—Shad Welsh.
30 plus female—Leslie Aeby.
20 plus male—Kyle Bottom.
20 plus female—Kory Fowler.
19 under male—Clay Meeske.
19 under female—Correy Koellner.
There were three runners in the 10-mile race. Michelle May was first in the female division and David Spencer was first in the male division.
The runner’s times are listed in order from the fastest:
Three mile—1st, Mark Bottom, 18:16; 2nd, Kyle Bottom, 18:18; 3rd, Clay Meeske, 18:37; 4th, Jayden German, 21:26; 5th, Leslie Aeby, 22:47; 6th, Alicia Fries, 23:23; 7th, Shad Welsh, 24:00; 8th, Davin Welsh, 24:42; 9th, Johna Jablonski, 24:58; 10th, Ashli Maris, 25:20; 11th, Kory Fowler, 25:40; 12th, Tom Rau, 26:05; 13th, Megan Wisnieski, 26:23; 14th, Correy Koellner, 26:47; 15th, Jordan Jablonski, 26:51; 16th, Mykuh Hanson, 27:14; 17th, Monica Poppe, 27:31; 18th, Chad Yaw, 27:35; 19th, Jodi Koellner, 27:46; 20th, Cedric Maxwell, 28:06; 21st, Davien Hanson, 28:17; 22nd, Brandon Mintling, 28:19; 23rd, Bill Christensen, 28:38; 24th, John Hanson, 28:47; 25th, Whitney Gipe, 29:14; 26th, Renae Bottom, 29:23; 27th, Kelli Bjorum, 31:23; 28th, Heidi Anderson, 31:49; 29th, Alexis Hanson, 32:01; 30th, Nicole Welsh, 32:07; 31st, Norma Hamm, 32:44; 32nd, Jayceea Hanson, 33:48; 33rd, Kym Weiss, 33:59; 34th, Amanda Courter, 34:00.
10 mile—1st, Michelle May, 1:15:12; 2nd, David Spencer, 1:55:11; 3rd, Jean Spencer, 1:55:12.