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Hospital staff participates in First Receivers Training PDF Print E-mail

On Sept. 24, Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) participated in Hospital First Receivers Training as related to decontamination of individuals contaminated with hazardous materials.
Barbara Dodge from the Center for Preparedness in Omaha provided training for the course. The purpose of this training was to provide a refresher course for current decontamination team members at CCCH as well as a basic training for new team members.
“We have had a couple of local contamination events that have resulted in needing to decontaminate patients prior to treating them in the Emergency Room. This exercise helps us take our training one step further in coupling our response with emergency triage in the case of a more catastrophic event and allows more of our staff an opportunity for continued education in this area. Our overall goal is to be able to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff while being able to provide medical treatment to those that may have been exposed to excessive doses of hazardous chemicals,” said Angella Herbert, RN-BSN and Patient Safety Coordinator at CCCH and organizer of the event.
The day of training covered topics such as the role of hospital first receivers, definitions of hazardous materials, signs of hazardous material contamination, patient symptoms, proper dressing in powered air purifying respirator suits, decontamination procedures for patients and related general safety procedures.
The day also included a mock disaster drill with multiple victims.
The scenario involved a vehicle accident where an agricultural chemical was being transported and the container ruptured exposing the driver of the vehicle, as well as two individuals who stopped along the road to help. This scenario was designed to replicate a potential situation that could happen in rural areas.
After the mock disaster drill, a debrief was held with the decontamination team to identify strengths, weaknesses and improvements needed.
Herbert thanked everyone who helped to make it a valuable learning experience and provide a better prepared decontamination team.


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