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Stimulus funds will help to refurbish Enders Dam outlet PDF Print E-mail
By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

    The Bureau of Reclamation will receive stimulus funds to refurbish the outlet tube at Enders Dam.
    The Department of Interior, of which the Bureau is a part, will receive $1 billion in stimulus funds to repair the country’s water infrastructure and long-term water supply challenges.
    Approximately $350,000 will be allocated to the Bureau to refurbish the outlet tube at Enders Dam.
    According to Marv Swanda, manager of the Bureau’s office in McCook, the coating on the interior of the steel outlet tube is beginning to deteriorate.
    Left unchecked, damage would begin to occur to the pipe, he said.
    Swanda said the steel outlet tube connects to a concrete tube from the morning glory that extends under the dam.
    There is a gate where the steel tube joins the concrete tube. This can be closed to allow work to be completed in the steel tube.
    The project will include removing the coating on the interior of the pipe and putting new coating on.
    Swanda said they are preparing the specifications for the job and bids will be let after the specs are complete.
    He’s anticipating the work will be completed by late fall.