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Smith finishes 7th at McCook invitational PDF Print E-mail

Boys finish 5th in meet that draws all 4 classes

By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Friday’s McCook Invitational cross country represents one of the Longhorns’ toughest and most competitive meets of the season.
The McCook meet draws schools from Class A down to Class D so the competition is always tough, Coach Carl Zuege said. Plus, the Heritage Hills course can be deceptive with all its hills.
Sophomore Indy Smith navigated the course well Friday, capturing the 7th place medal.
Zuege said Smith finished really strong, turning in a time of 18:44.
The first half of the course is mostly downhill, Zuege said, so it’s easy to get out too fast. He said his boys turned in their first mile around 5:30, which was a faster pace than he and coach Jonathon Beverly really wanted.
For some of his runners, they paid the price, struggling during the last half of the race which is mostly uphill.
Holden Dreiling finished as the team’s second runner, but had to battle in the second half of the race. Ike Maxwell struggled as well but finished strong.
Zuege said Andrew Vaverek ran really well last week and Garret Thompson turned in another solid race.
One bright spot came in the boys’ jayvee race with Stephen Welsh finishing third. His time would have ranked him fourth on the varsity team.
Zuege said he will likely run varsity at the Dundy County-Stratton meet today (Thursday).
Overall, the Longhorns finished in fifth at McCook. Sidney won the meet, edging North Platte by a point.
North Platte senior Wyatt McGuire smoked the entire field, finishing in 15:50 and more than two minutes ahead of the second place finisher.
Engbrecht leads girls
Senior Emma Engbrecht led the girls’ Longhorn team, finishing in 28th.
Zuege said it was questionable just five minutes before the race whether she’d be healthy enough to run due to a knee problem.
Beverly gave her the go-ahead and she ran well.
Mallory Coleman followed in 35th with Rose Sullivan leading the trio of freshman at 43.
Alex Valenzuela was right behind her in 45th with Vianey Marquez in 55th.
Zuege noted it’s always a learning experience when the freshmen run the Heritage Hills course for the first time.
In the junior high 1,600, Chase County’s Juan Venegas took second with Will Kuenne in fifth. Kaley Hauxwell finished 5th in the girls’ race.
DC-S meet today
The Longhorns will travel to Benkelman today (Thursday) to compete in the Dundy County-Stratton meet at the Benkelman Country Club east of Benkelman.
The meet will begin at 4 p.m. MDT with the girls’ race, followed by the boys’ race.
The junior high will compete at Ogallala in their meet today.
McCook cross country invite
High school
Boys’ varsity team scores—1st, Sidney, 28; 2nd, North Platte, 29; 3rd, Dundy County/Stratton, 59; 4th, McCook, 74; 5th, Chase County, 79; 6th, Ogallala, 99; 7th, Holdrege, 112; 8th, St. Pat’s, 118; 9th, Sutherland, 168; 10th, Perkins County, 189.  
Individual results—1st, Wyatt McGuire, NP, 15:50; 7th, Indy Smith, CC, 18:44; 19th, Holden Dreiling, CC, 19:27; 22nd, Andrew Vaverek, CC 19:38; 32nd, Garrett Thompson, CC, 20:35.10; 35th, Ike Maxwell, CC, 20:49; 37th, Ryan Moline, CC, 20:59.
Individual JV results—1st, Mikey Erickson, McC., 19:56; 3rd, Stephen Welsh, CC, 20:24; 12th, Tagan Mays, CC, 21:39; 13th, Caleb Bubak, CC, 21:41; 16th, Mason Meeske, CC, 21:58; 24th, Korey Krutsinger, CC, 22:58.
Girls’ team scores—1st, Sidney, 28; 2nd, Holdrege, 61; 3rd, McCook, 64; 4th, North Platte, 74; 5th, St. Pat’s, 92; 6th, Dundy County/Stratton, 92; 7th, Perkins County, 105; 8th, Ogallala, 130; 9th, Chase County, 143; 10th, Sutherland, 154.
Girls’ individual results—1st, Molly Sughroue, McC., 19:30; 28th, Emma Enbrecht, CC, 24:44; 35rd, Mallory Coleman, CC, 25:18; 43rd, Rose Sullivan, CC, 27:14; 45th, Alexandria Valenzuela, CC, 28:31; 55th, Vianey Marquez, CC, 31:06.
Junior high
Boys’ individual results—1st, Steven Hinze, McC., 5:20; 2nd, Juan Venegas, CC, 5:46; 5th, Will Kuenne, CC, 6:05; 13th, Noah Griffin, CC, 6:30.10; 15th, Marco Perez, CC, 6:34; 19th, Landis Beverly, CC, 6:55.
Girls’ individual results—1st, Drew Gieshen, Oga., 5:50; 5th, Kaley Hauxwell, CC, 6:24.


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