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Rain delays Sage Addition work; pouring hoped to restart midweek PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

No one in this area was complaining about the rain the past week, except maybe the workers on the Sage Addition/12th St. project.
Muddied roads from the 1.20 inches of Imperial rain the past week delayed the pro­gress, but dirt work was able to resume early this week, with hopes of getting back to the concrete paving by midweek.
A check early Wednesday saw dirt work underway on part of Yucca Drive, the Sage Addition’s exterior circular street, where more than half of the concrete street had been poured before the rain started last week.
In addition to what’s done on Yucca Drive, other paved streets in the addition finished include Cactus Circle, Sand Love St., Blue Stem St., Buffalo St. and one block of Sage St., said Imperial Public Works Supt. Pat Davison.
Streets in the Sage Addition are being poured 36 feet wide and six inches thick with attached curbing done in the same pour.
Installation of 2,200 feet of 24-inch storm sewer pipe and another 1,000 feet of 18-inch is also part of the addition’s $1.43 million project, whose general contractor is Werner Construction, Inc., of Hastings.
Another major focus of the project this month has been the dirt work on West 12th St., which borders the Sage Addition on the north.
That street will be paved at a width of 44 feet and will be eight inches thick from Max Drive west to the Blue Stem intersection.
The contract for the project has a Nov. 10 date for “substantial completion” and final completion by Dec. 1.