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Longhorn boys duel again with Dundy County runners PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Last week, the Longhorns needed a tie breaker to edge Dundy County for the Cambridge title. This week it was Dundy County-Stratton’s turn.
The Longhorn boys finished a close second to DCS in last Thursday’s Imperial invitation held at the Imperial Country Club.
“It’s great to have these battles,” Coach Carl Zuege said this week.
“They’re a team we’ll see all season long and at districts. So it gives us something to gauge off of,” he said. Plus, it makes it more fun.
In the final standings, DCS finished with 35 points while the Longhorns finished with 39 points. That’s a real slim margin, Zuege said, noting that if one or two if his runners beat the guy in front of them, it can make for a big swing in points.
Individually, Holden Dreiling turned in one of best races of his career thus far to finish second.
Most importantly, Zuege said, was that Dreiling broke the 18-minute barrier. He said it’s been a while since he’s had someone break that barrier.
It was a good day for running with cool temperatures and light rain for most of the meet. Thirty degrees cooler makes a big difference, Zuege said.
In fact, not only did Dreiling record  personal best but most of the team turned in personal bests as well.
Just four places behind Dreiling was Indy Smith in sixth. Andrew Vavarek finished 13th with Garret Thompson in 18th to account for the Longhorn scoring.
As a team, they topped both McCook and Ogallala’s varsity teams.
Zuege said they’ve still been working on endurance conditioning and will start some speed training this week.
He’s pleased with the progress both teams have made thus far.
Zuege’s also had the help and input of Jonathon Beverly, who is serving as an assistant coach this season.
On the girls’ side, Mallory Coleman and Emma Engbrecht led the team, finishing 19th and 20th respectively.
Zuege said the girls both cut off up to two minutes off of their time at Cambridge, which is a good sign.
He said the other girls, Alex Valenzuela, Rose Sullivan and Vianey Marquez continue to show improvement.
The girls lost a key member of the team this year after Alyssa Moreno suffered a fracture in one of her feet. That will most likely take her out for the season, Zuege said.
The teams will compete in the McCook invitational Friday at the Heritage Hills golf course.
The girls’ race will begin at 12 noon MDT, followed by the boy’s race, javyee boys and junior high.
Chase County invite
High school

  • Boys’ team scores—1st, Dundy County/Stratton, 35; 2nd, Chase County Schools, 39; 3rd, McCook, 50; 4th, Ogallala, 57; 5th, Bertrand/Loomis, 97; 6th, NP St. Pat’s, 99; 7th, Paxton, 104; 8th, Maywood, 138; 9th, Sutherland, 138; 10th, Perkins County, 151.
  • Individual results—1st, Jaco Henning, Oga., 17:55.59; 2nd, Holden Dreiling, CCS, 17:56.91; 3rd, Cole Kennedy, BLM, 17:57.69; 4th, Ty Swenson, DCS, 17:58.46; 5th, Tyler Cassell, Pax., 18:05.98; 6th, Indy Smith, CCS, 18:06.66; 7th, Dustin Payton, MCC, 18:18.73; 8th, Cade Duvel, DCS, 18:25.82; 9th, Cole Samuelson, Oga., 18:26.91; 10th, Hunter Felker, MCC, 18:28.40; 11th, Christian Hughes, DCS, 18:29.08; 12th, Bailey Peckham, DCS, 18:30.07; 13th, Andrew Vaverek, CCS, 18:33.75; 14th, Quinton Phillips, May., 18:36.89; 15th, Brandon Adkins, SP, 18:39.26; 18th, Garret Thompson, CCS, 18:47.99; 21st, Ike Maxwell, CCS, 19:06.26; 33rd, Stephen Welsh, CCS JV, 20:16.17; 35th, Tagan Mays, CCS JV, 20:19.98; 37th, Ryan Moline, CCS JV, 20:27.61; 39th, Mason Meeske, CCS JV, 20:32.95; 53rd, Caleb Bubak, CCS JV, 21:30.91; 58th, Korey Krutsinger, CCS JV, 21:52.09.
  • Girls’ team scores—1st, Bertrand/Loomis, 31; 2nd, McCook, 33; 3rd, Dundy County/Stratton, 56; 4th, NP St. Pat’s, 58; 5th, Perkins County, 63; 6th, Chase County Schools, 78; 7th, Southwest, 118.
  • Girls’ individual results—1st, Molly Sughroue, MCC, 19:11.33; 2nd, Justine Stone, May., 20:13.62; 3rd, Rachel Pavelka, BLM, 20:23.82; 4th, Madison Lambley, DCS, 20:34.14; 5th, Anna O’Malley, NSP, 20:41.59; 6th, Emily Kemling, PCC, 21:10.93; 7th, Kelsey Crymble, Oga., 21.26.80; 8th, Kara Philips, BLM, 22:13.59; 9th, Caitlin Leitner, MCC, 22:15.68; 10th, Emilene Sides, MCC, 22:26.49; 11th, Courtney Lyon, PCC, 22:32.31; 12th, Jenny Bishop, Oga., 22:47.10; 13th, Emma Dannehl, BLM, 22:58.18; 14th, Bailee Clark, NSP, 23:02.22; 15th, Josie Burke, Suth., 23:08.63; 19th, Mallory Coleman, CCS, 23:38.26; 20th, Emma Engbrecht, CCS, 23:40.21; 33rd, Alex Valenzuela, CCS, 26:00.82; 34th, Rose Sullivan, CCS, 26:03.50; 46th, Vianey Marquez, CCS, 30:38.45.

Junior high

  • Boys’ individual results—Winning time—11:36; 2nd, Will Kuenne, 12:53; Noah Griffin, 14:14; Landis Beverly, 15:19.
  • Girls’ individual results—Winning time—12:41; Kaley Hauxwell, 13:18.



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