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Another year passes, 9/11 remembered PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

As I watched coverage of the 9/11 ceremonies on the national networks Wednesday, I, once again, felt that tug at my heart as the anniversary arrived.
Even though it’s been 12 years since terrorists attacked the U.S. on that beautiful Sept. 11 morning, the memories flow back like it was yesterday.
As I watched the programs, the 3,000-plus names of those who died in the attacks were being read by family members. Many still choked up as their loved one’s name was read.
It’s a bit sad to watch, but it also reinvigorates many Americans who resolve that this won’t happen again.
Unfortunately, it did happen again a year ago in Benghazi, when four Americans were killed by terrorists who stormed the U.S. consulate.
That anniversary arrived Sept. 11, too, and a year later the House and Senate, as well as the rest of America, still have few answers or information on what happened.
It’s truly shameful, too, that in the first few days following the Benghazi attack that officials in our government claimed the attacks arose from a video that was out on the internet.
A full year later, there are still no arrests.
I cannot imagine the pain family members of the four men murdered in Benghazi must have felt as the Sept. 11 anniversary arrived.
We should not only grieve with the 3,000-plus families who experienced loss 12 years ago, but add to those the ones who lost loved ones in Benghazi, who are also suffering.
Regarding Benghazi, there are still too many questions and too few answers.