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CCS enrollment just one student shy of 600 mark PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Chase County Schools is just one body shy of breaking a 600-student enrollment for the 2013-14 school year.
In enrollment numbers updated Wednesday morning, Supt. Brad Schoeppey said the K-12 Chase County Schools has 599 students attending classes.
That’s 17 students higher than the 2012-13 year, and the most students since the 2003-04 school year when 606 were enrolled the first week.
Schoeppey said he expected enrollment to be up, based on last year’s big kindergarten class, who are now first graders, and a small class of 29 that graduated last May.
This year’s kindergarten class has 42 students, well above the 29 seniors who graduated in the spring.
But Schoeppey said four to five new senior class students this year are also affecting the increase.
“That the most unusual to get that many new in the senior class,” he said.
He said he wouldn’t be surprised if the CCS enrollment eventually does eclipse the 600 mark.
The school’s enrollment number on Oct. 1, which will be submitted to the Nebraska Department of Education, is what will be the official 2013-14 enrollment, Schoeppey noted.
That figure is used for determining financial items such as state aid, as well as athletic and activity classifications.
The first grade class and senior class, both with 61 students, are the largest in the school this year. The sophomore class of 34 is the smallest.
Now a week into the school year, Schoeppey said things are going very smoothly.
That contrasts to last year, when major changes were made in the lunch counting process for students going through the line, as well the bigger emphasis on fruits and vegetables in the menus. That made for a few rough first weeks of school last year.
That’s not the case this year.
“It’s been a very easy start to the school year,” Schoeppey said.

2013-14 enrollment
Kindergarten    42
First grade    61
Second grade    48
Third grade    41
Fourth grade    45
Fifth grade    43
Sixth grade    47
GRADE K-6 TOTAL    327
Seventh grade    37
Eighth grade    51
Ninth grade    49
Tenth grade    34
Eleventh grade    40
Twelfth grade    61
GRADE 7-12 TOTAL    272

10-year total enrollments
2003-04    606
2004-05    577
2005-06    571
2006-07    547
2007-08    518
2008-09    518
2009-10    543
2010-11    563
2011-12    560
2012-13    582
2013-14    599
Source: CCS Supt. Dr. Brad Schoeppey as of Aug. 28, 2013.